Hiking Trails

The Teerisuo - Lososuo trails lead through mires and small forest islets. They are equipped with duckboards, but visitors should wear rubber boots or other water resistant boots. Visitors may also wander off trails in the mire reserve, but we ask that you not do so in spring and early summer so as not to disturb birds during nesting season. There is a connecting trail which leads from Teerisuo - Lososuo southwest to Hiidenportti National Park.

The Teerisuo - Lososuo trails lead through mires and small forest islets. © Risto Sauso

Starting Points for Trails

  • Teerisuo Trail has its starting point at Teerisuo - Lososuo parking area, which is located by road 5284 (Kuhmo - Valtimo). The parking area is equipped with the area's information board.
  • The trail has an alternate starting point on road 5284 (Kuhmo - Valtimo) at the Urpovaara intersection.

Circle Trail

  • Teerisuo Trail, 11.5 km. Visitors can get a good overall view of the area by travelling this circle trail around Teerisuo. The views which open from the trail vary between vast mire landscape, in its natural state and small forest islets. The trail goes along easy to travel terrain and it is marked with red paint symbols.
    • Services: Teerisuo lean-to shelter with campfire site and Multisärkkä campfire site.
    • Connecting trail: A path turns off the trail at Lake Teerilampi and leads in the direction of Hiidenportti National Park to road 5284 (Kuhmo - Valtimo).

Other Trails

  • A Trail (7.5 km) from Teerisuo - Lososuo Mire Reserve to Hiidenportti National Park turns off of Teerisuo Trail at Lake Teerilampi. The trail continues via Kiurulampi campfire site and crosses road 5284 (Kuhmo - Valtimo) at the Urpovaara intersection. Kiurulampi campfire site is approximately 1 km from Lake Teerilampi. From the campfire site it is about 2.5 km to road 5284 (Kuhmo - Valtimo). From there it is then another 4 km to Urpovaara parking are in Hiidenportti National Park.
    • Services: Kiurulampi campfire site