Customer Service and Guidance

  • Kuhmo Visitor Centre Petola offers guidance, sells permits and features the Friendship Park as well as other nature reserves in Southern Kainuu.
  • Guidance in the terrain for school and pre-school groups. Get more information on services for school groups and children from Kuhmo Visitor Centre Petola .
  • There is a guide board at Teerisuo - Lososuo parking area.

Services Offered by Enterprises and Organisations in the Mire Reserve

Meals, Where to Buy and Prepare

Campfire Sites

  • Multisärkkä: campfire site
  • Teerisuo: a lean-to shelter with a campfire site
  • Kiurulampi: campfire site.

Lighting campfires is forbidden also at the constructed campfire sites if the forest fire warning is in effect.
More information about lighting campfires can be found at Hiking in Finland.

Drinking Water

  • The surface water from the lakes, rivers and brooks must be boiled before use. Water in the springs and running water in the brooks is usually good for drinking. However, the quality of the water cannot be monitored, so the use of natural water is at your own risk.
  • We recommend that you bring your own drinking water.
  • Look at the tips for outdoors drinking water in Hiking in Finland -pages.

Waste Management

  • There are no waste-bins in the mire reserve. Measures should be taken in advance to avoid taking unnecessary waste into the area. Biodegradable waste should be placed in a toilet or composter, and small amounts of clean paper and cardboard can be used as kindling in a campfire. Read more about Hiking without littering.


  • There is a toilet at each of the area's campfire sites and lean-to shelters.
  • There is a dry toilet also at the parking place.

Overnight Stays

Camping and Lean-to Shelters

Short-term camping (1-3 days) is permitted as an Everyman's Right ( in the vicinity of leant-to shelters and campfire sites.

  • Teerisuo lean-to shelter at the circle trail's halfway mark
  • Multisärkkä campfire site situated by the circle trail
  • Kiurulampi campfire site, situated by the section of the UKK Hiking Trail leading to Hiidenportti National Park.

Lodging in the Surrounding Area

  • For more information on lodging services in the surrounding area see the Kuhmo tourism ( page and the site of Wild Taiga (
  • Wild Nordic (Villi Pohjola) ( offers wilderness cabins, cottages and other accommodation.

Services for the Disabled

  • There are no services for the disabled in the area.

Other Services in the Surrounding Area

ilmatieteenlaitos.fiCheck for Warnings

When forest and grass fire warnings are in effect, fire is only allowed at covered campfire sites that have a flue. A fire can be also lit in fireplaces at wilderness and other huts. Always use extreme caution when handling fire. The one who lights a fire is always responsible for its safe use. Please note, that making fire at these campfire sites can be banned locally. 

Check the current warnings (