The distances shown in parenthesis in the route description give the distance from the trail's starting point to that point which is being described.

Lakonkangas parking area - Polvikoski campfire site, 13,0 km

The first section of the trail leads via Lakonkangas lean-to shelter to Hanhikoski open wilderness hut (2,4 km). Alternatively you can get directly to Hankikoski open wilderness hut from Lakonkangas parking area. From Hanhikoski the trail leads across beautiful river-side landscape to Niemipuro open wilderness hut (6,3 km). The area's open wilderness huts are old loggers' cabins, which have been renovated during the past decade. About 200 m before reaching Niemipuro open wilderness hut the trail crosses the River Niemipuro, a tributary of the River Koitajoki, by bridge.

Hikers travelling along Tapion taival Trail can stay overnight at Hanhikoski open wilderness hut. Photo: Tarja Martin

From the open wilderness hut the trail moves further from the river and leads across pine bogs and heathland forests to Sammalpuro campfire site (7,7 km). From there the trail moves back to follow the bank of the River Koitajoki, along which it leads to Alajoki (10,6 km). Alternatively hikers can take a shortcut from Sammalpuro to Alajoki. This might be the better option when waters are high. From Alajoki to Polvikoski (12,8 km) the trail follows the bank of the River Koitajoki. At Polvikoski Tapion taival Trail crosses Polvikoski road which comes from the direction of Hattuvaara. On the left side of this intersection there is an information board from where the trail continues north along the road. From the intersection it is a 100 metre hike to Polvikoski parking area, which is on the left side of the road. Immediately after the parking area on the right side of the road on the shore of the River Koitajoki is Polvikoski campfire site (13,0 km).

Polvikoski campfire site - Hoikantie parking area, 7,0 km

From Polvikoski campfire site the trail continues along a road for 600 metres. After this it turns left off the road and continues into Koivusuo Strict Nature Reserve. In the Strict Nature Reserve visitors must stay on the marked trail. At Koivusuo there is a long straight trail section with duckboards. After passing the impressive Koivusuo Mire the landscape changes to old fields at the Pirhunvaara forest ranger estate (17 km). On the grounds of the estate there is a drying barn, which has been renovated. The drying barn can be used as temporary shelter in case of poor weather. The main building of the estate is for security, maintenance and research purposes. About 700 metres after passing the estate the trail joins with Pirhuntie road along which hikers turn left. For the rest of the journey the trail travels along the road. After passing a beam the trail ends at Hoikantie parking area (20,0 km).