Taking a break to read a map on the Tapion taival Trail duckboards. Photo: Katri Suhonen

Tapion taival Trail leads across quite level terrain and the trail's level of demand is classified of medium difficulty. When travelling along the banks of the River Koitajoki the trail is narrow and winding and at points there are many tree roots which can hinder a hiker's journey. Hiking the trail does not require special wilderness or orienteering skills, but it would be advisable to know the basics of hiking and basic survival skills. Tapion taival Trail is marked and signposted quite well. At some points the trail travels along forest roads. Duckboards have been laid across mire and wetland areas so that they are easier for hikers to cross.

The trail can be hiked when the ground is not frozen. During flood times there is a dryer route option between the Rivers Niemipuro and Alajoki. The route takes from 1 to 2 days to travel depending on how physically fit you are. There are open wilderness huts as well as campfire sites along the trail. Tapion taival Trail is not suited for the disabled.

River Koitajoki Crossing Spots

When travelling along Tapion taival Trail you do not need to cross the River Koitajoki, unless you wish to travel along the other trails in the Koitajoki area in which case it may be a possibility. It is possible to cross the river at three different points: at Polvikoski over a road bridge or at Koidanvaara or Asumajoki which both have a ferry that visitors can pull across the river by cable. There are no points for crossing the River Koitajoki south of Polvikoski. The River Asumajoki can be crossed via a bridge. The ferries are in use each year from June through September. For more information on the times when the ferries can be used contact the Koli Nature Centre Ukko.