The distance written in parenthesis is the distance of the given point from the trail's starting point in Petkeljärvi National Park.

A section of Taitajan taival Trail between Keltasilmä and Tetrijärvi. Photo: Marko Haapalehto
Petkeljärvi Outdoor Centre - Hiisilampi lean-to shelter, 15 km

When hiking Taitajan taival Trail from south to north its starting point is in Petkeljärvi National Park on the grounds of the outdoor centre. For its first 200 metres the route follows Petkeljärventie road heading north from the outdoor centre. It then turns left onto a path. At first Taitajan taival Trail follows the routes of the area's two nature trails, Kuikan kierros and Harjupolku. There are boards along the trail with information on the for example on how the area's ridges were formed.

The first 1,5 km of Taitajan taival Trail travels through the old pine dominated forests of Petkeljärvi National Park. The route continues on into the Petkeljärvi - Putkelanharju Natura 2000 site where it leads through young pine forest and over two bridges to the beautiful Lake Keltasilmä-lampi (2,6 km)There is a campfire site as well as a dry toilet at Keltasilmä lean-to shelter. The shore at the lake is sandy which makes it easy to go for a swim. There is no official beach. The route travels along ridges and by water routes all the way to Tetrijärvi lean-to shelter (9 km). The portion of the route travelling along the high and narrow Hevonharju ridge is one of the most beautiful sections of the trail. Along the trail there are wartime trenches and fortresses from the Second World War.

 Lake Pieni Hiisilampi. Photo: Marko Haapalehto

At Tetrijärvi lean-to shelter there is a cooking shelter and fireplace. There is also a dry toilet suited for the disabled. The route continues through commercial forests to Issonjärvi parking area (12,3 km), where visitors can find a dry toilet. After passing the parking area the route travels along small roads over which many paths criss cross. Hikers are reminded to pay close attention to trail markings so as not to lose their way. The route crosses road 5004 (Ilomantsi - Möhkö) 300 metres before reaching Issonjärvi parking area. From the parking area the trail climbs onto a ridge and Ruhkaranta road (13,6 km). After crossing the road the trail continues along the ridge top to Hiisilampi lean-to shelter and rest spot (15 km). At the lean-to shelter there are also a campfire site and a dry toilet.

Hiisilampi lean-to shelter - Putkela parking area, 4,3 km

From Hiisilampi lean-to shelter the route leads towards Putkela first along a high and narrow ridge through pine forest. The forest on the slope of Myllysärkä ridge was burnt in a forest fire in the 1990s. The fire has left its mark on the area; there are for example black charred stumps of pine trees. About 3,5 km from Hiisilampi lean-to shelter the route of the trail turns onto Karvilantie road and hikers should again pay especially close attention to trail markings so as not to lose their way. Putkela parking area is situated right by Karvilantie road. The lanscape is filled with farm fields which brings variety after travelling through forest landscape for so long. Karilantie road leads to the centre of Putkela.

At some points Taitajan taival leads along roads. Photo: Marko Haapalehto

Putkela parking area - Mekrijärvi, 11,6 km

From Putkela parking area the route leads along Karvilantie road for 1,3 km at which point it reaches Putkelantie road and turns onto it. After following Putkelantie road for about 1 km, the route turns right onto a smaller road. The route continues along a path and climbs up Putkelansärkkä ridge from where there is a magnificent view to its eastern side to the River Koitajoki and the meadows along it's banks. On the west side of the route on the shore of Lake Linnalampi there is a hill where it is believed there was a castle from the Iron Age or Middle Ages or perhaps during both eras. The nest resting spot along the trail is Linnalampi lean-to shelter (24,5 km) on the bank of the River Koitajoki. As well as the lean-to shelter the spot has a campfire site and a dry toilet.

 Putkelanharju guide board. Photo: Marko Haapalehto

From Linnalampi the route continues through commercial forests and along paths. The trail crosses road 522 (Hatuntie road) about 3 km from Linnalampi. After crossing the road the route criss crosses along private roads and hikers should pay especially close attention to trail markings and read a map to keep on the right trail. Occasionally the route climbs up ridges and follows trails along the top of these ridges. From some spots there is a beautiful view over the River Koitajoki as the route runs along its western bank. The route crosses through a field from its south-eastern corner to its south-western corner from where it continues along a road. After this the route follows roads and paths through commercial forests until it reaches a small gravel road 900 metres before Mekrijärvi.