Possible starting points for Taitajan taival Trail (approx. 31 km) are it's south end at Petkeljärvi Outdoor Centre or its north end at Lake Mekrijärvi.  Taitajan taival Trail can be travelled when the ground is not frozen. The route can be shortened easily by only travelling the portion of the trail which is most clearly marked from Putkela to Petkeljärvi National Park (approx. 20 km). The part of the trail from Petkeljärvi to Lake Linnalampi is managed by Metsähallitus.

Starting Points for Excursions

  • Petkeljärvi National Park: outdoor centre and information board
  • Issonjärvi parking area: no information board
    • The parking area is situated by the Ilomantsi - Möhkö road on the shore of Lake Issonjärvi. Taitajan taival Trail is directly on the east side of the parking area.
  • The Ilomantsi sports centre parking area: no information board.
    • From the parking area there is a connecting trail (8,3 km) leading to Hiisilampi lean-to shelter, which is at approximately the halfway point of Taitajan taival Trail.
  • Putkela parking area: information board
    • Putkela parking area is situated by Taitajan taival Trail on Karvilantie road 1,3 km from road 522. The parking area is about 11 km from Lake Mekrijärvi.
  • There is no actual parking area at Lake Mekrijärvi, but at the starting/end point for Taitajan taival Trail at Mekrijärventie road 37 there is an information board.

A section of Taitajan taival Trail in Petkeljärvi National Park. Photo: Marko Haapalehto
Trail Markings

  • The trail is marked with orange paint dots. The dots are placed quite sparsely in the terrain so hikers must be attentive to follow the trail.

Trail Sections

Taitajan taival Trail is not a circle trail. The trail can be divided into sections from one resting spot to another.

  • Petkeljärvi National Park Outdoor Centre - Hiisilampi lean-to shelter, 15 km
  • Hiisilampi lean-to shelter - Putkela parking area, 4,3 km
  • Putkela parking area - Mekrijärvi, 11,6

Trail Route Description Petkeljärvi National Park - Mekrijärvi, 31 km

Connecting Trails

Hiking Trails

  • Hiisilampi - Ilomantsi, 8,3 km. From Hiisilampi which is on Taitajan taival Trail there is a connecting trail which leads to Ilomantsi. At the start this trail follows the same route as Pogostan Hiihto ski trail. The forests here are for the main part in commercial use and the route leads along village and forest roads. There are many trails which cross the route and hikers should be especially attentive so as to not lose their way. When approaching Ilomantsi there is a 700 metre long section with duckboards across a mire and then leads along the Ilomantsi sports centre's jogging track and ski trail passing several crossroads and climbing up steep slopes. The trail ends at Ilomantsi sports centre by some tennis courts, where there is a lean-to shelter manged by the municipality of Ilomantsi. The terrain along this trail can be very damp and waterproof footwear is recommended.

Trails crossing at Hiisilampi lean-to shelter. Photo: Marko Haapalehto

  • During 2007 new trails have been made in connection with Taitajan taival Trail. There is a circle trail from Petkeljärvi National Park to Lake Tetrijärvi. There is also a connecting trail to Susitaival Trail (www.vaellus.info, in Finnish), along which hikers can get from Möhkö to Patvinsuo National Park.
  • Trails in Petkeljärvi National Park
    • In Petkeljärvi National Park Taitajan taival Trail meets up with Kuikan kierros Nature Trail.

Cross-coutry Skiing Trails

  • During winter the route of the trail used for the Pogostan Hiihto ski event runs along-side Taitajan taival Hiking Trail.

Dogs must be kept on a leash! Photo: Seppo Leinonen.

Dogs must be kept on a leash!

(chapter 8 -  Keeping a dog)