Drinking Water

  • Visitors can take drinking water from Petkeljärvi Outdoor Centre Café during opening hours.
  • The surface water from the lakes, rivers and brooks must be boiled before use. Water in the springs and running water in the brooks is usually good for drinking. However, the quality of the water cannot be monitored, so the use of natural water is at your own risk.
  • Look at the tips for outdoors drinking water in Hiking in Finland -pages.

Waste Management

  • The recycling and waste point for Petkeljärvi National Park is located at the Petkeljärvi camping ground. Visitors are asked to either bring their waste to this point or take it out of the area.
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Keltasilmä lean-to shelter is situated near Petkeljärvi National Park. Photo: Marko Haapalehto

Firewood Supply

  • At each lean-to shelter hikers can find firewood and an axe for chopping the wood.

Maintenance and Management

  • Metsähallitus Natural Heritage Services Southern Finland is responsible for waste management and firewood supply at the Keltasilmä, Tetrijärvi, Hiislampi and Linnalampi lean-to shelters. For more information please contact Nature Centre Ukko in Koli.


  • There is a dry toilet at each lean-to shelter as well as a toilet at Issonjärvi parking area. The dry toilet at Tetrijärvi lean-to shelter can be used by disabled persons, but we recommend you have someone there to assist you.
  • There is a toilet and a toilet for the disabled in the Petkeljärvi Outdoor Centre's restaurant, which are open to the public when the outdoor centre is open. Additionally there is a dry toilet at the north end of Petraniemi parking area.

Overnight stays


  • Camping is permitted as an Everyman's Right along the trail, except in Petkeljärvi National Park where camping is only permitted in the area's camping ground next to Petkeljärvi Outdoor Centre.

Lean-to Shelters

  • Keltasilmä lean-to shelter is situated on the eastern shore of Lake Keltasilmä-lampi on a narrow isthmus between Keltasilmä and Lake Joutenjärvi.
  • Tetrijärvi lean-to is situated at Saarilahti Bay on the northern shore of Lake Suuri Tetrijärvi. The lean-to sheltered is accessible by wheelchair and disabled persons can stay there overnight if they are accompanied by someone who can assist them.
  • Hiislampi lean-to shelter is situated on an isthmus between Lakes Iso Haukilampi and Pieni Hiislampi.
  • Linnalampi lean-to shelter is situated at Linnalamminsärkkä on the west bank of the River Koitajoki.

Hotel and Rental Cabin

  • Petkeljärvi Outdoor Centre is located in Petkeljärvi National Park. The centre offers accommodation and there is an old renovated park ranger's cabin on the grounds.

Other Services

  • When the Petkeljärvi National Park's Outdoor Centre is open, visitors can eat in its restaurant and rent canoes and rowboats from its customer service point.
  • For more information on services along the trail and in the surrounding areas see the municipality of Ilomantsi website (www.ilomantsi.fi) and Karelia Expert website (www.visitkarelia.fi).