Hikers following Taitajan taival Trail must be attentive and have orienteering and hiking experience. Photo: Marko HaapalehtoTaitajan taival Trail is of medium difficulty. Taitajan taival Trail can be travelled when the ground is not frozen. There are steep ascents at some points in the trail, but the trail is in good condition for the most part. For the most part the trail is well-marked, but visitors should always have a map and compass with them. Visitors also need to pay close attention so as not to lose track of the trail markings. For these reasons we do not recommend this trail for people who do not have hiking and orienteering experience. The time this trail takes to travel varies depending on the hikers' pace and strength. It should take about 2 to 3 days. Taitajan taival Trail is not suited for the disabled.

Cycling is permitted on Taitajan taival Trail, but the trail can be very challenging at points as there are roots and rocks as well as ascents and descents along the route. During winter the "Pogostan hiihto" ski trail travels near the summer trail.