Sevettijärvi - Opukasjärvi - Iisakkijärvi 19 km

From its starting point at Sevettijärvi the trail leads through pine forests and along lake shores and river banks. Lake Sundeejärvi a long narrow lake can either be passed along its east side by hiking trail or along its west side by the ATV-track. Before arriving to Opukasjärvi hikers must cross the River Äylijoki either by wading or along a bridge built for ATVs. About 2 km on from Opukasjärvi there is a campfire site called Ylä 1. It is situated on the south bank of the River Näätämöjoki, 0,8 km up-stream from the hanging bridge. After crossing Näätämöjoki, a river known for its salmon, hikers come to the River Silisjoki. This river is crossed by wading or by boat, when waters are high. The landscape is diverse: there are pine forests, barren fells, mires, cliff walls, rocky patches and small lakes. This section of the trail ends at Iisakkijärvi open wilderness hut.

River Silisjoki. Photo: Antti Keskitalo

Iisakkijärvi - Huikkimajoki, 9 km

The fell birch forest is dotted with barren fells and small lakes and streams. Four kilometres north of Iisakkijärvi the trail reaches a crossroads. There are two route options from the crossroads; hikers can either continue north to Huikkimajoki open wilderness hut or take the alternative route and head northeast to Rousajärvi open wilderness hut. It is a 5 km hike to both wilderness huts from the crossroads.

The alternative route for this section is Iisakkijärvi - Rousajärvi - Huikkimajoki, 15 km.

The trail leading to Rousajärvi turns off the Iisakkijärvi - Huikkimajoki 4 km north of Iisakkijärvi. At the north end of Lake Lyöttijärvi there is a small stream which must be crossed. The terrain along the trail alternates between fell birch forest and fell upland. Rousajärvi open wilderness hut is situated on the south shore of Lake Rousajärvi 9 km from Iisakkijärvi.

From Lake Rousajärvi the trail continues for 6 km before joining the main trail again leading to Huikkimajoki. From Rousajärvi open wilderness hut the trail follows alongside a stream towards Lake Rousajärvi. It then passes the lake along its west side. The trail climbs up a fell slope, from where there is an open view of the surrounding landscape. Huikkimajoki open wilderness hut is situated in the middle of fell birch forest.

Huikkimajoki - Tsaarajärvi, 12 km

From Huikkimajoki the trail leads across almost treeless fell upland towards the Tsaarajärvi lakes, which are separated from one another by isthmuses. Near Tsaarajärvi open wilderness hut the trail travels through an opening in the fence separating lands owned by the Kaldoaivi and Näätämö reindeer herding cooperatives.

Tsaarajärvi - Tsuomasjärvi, 11 km

Here the trail leads across treeless fell tops. The peak of Golmmesoaivi (379 m), a fell along the trail, is the border mark between Finland and Norway. The last wilderness hut along the trail is Tsuomasjärvi open wilderness hut. Just behind the wilderness hut Čuomasvárri Fell rises to 435 metres. On clear days those who climb to the top are rewarded with a beautiful view over the wilderness area and over the border into Norway.

Tsuomasjärvi - Pulmanki, 13 km

The trail leads along the Finnish-Norwegian border towards its northern end point at the south end of Lake Pulmankijärvi. On the last section of the trail hikers cross the River Pulmankijoki by bridge.