The Sevettijärvi - Pulmanki Trail is marked considerably well. There are numerous open wilderness huts as well as one campfire site along the trail. The trail is demanding as it leads across a vast wilderness area, which has no roads. This means that hikers should have good hiking, survival and orienteering skills. Hikers must also take into consideration that weather conditions in the fell area are very difficult to predict as they can change quickly.

When planning your hike the Sevettijärvi - Nuorgam recreation map will be of great help.

Photo: Sampo Parkkonen


There are few changes in altitude along the trail and for the main part the terrain is easy to travel across. Bodies of water are crossed by different means. Sometimes there are bridges, at other times you must wade through and yet at others take a boat across. There are hanging bridges across the Rivers Näätämöjoki and Pulmankijoki. Bridges across the river are located on the Sevettijärvi-Pulmanki Hiking Trail on the west side of Lake Opukasjärvi.

Duration of the Hike

Among other things a hiker's physical condition and the area's weather will affect the time of one's hike. Hikers advance at an average of 3 km an hour through this terrain. This trail takes approximately 4 - 7 days to hike.