By Car

  • To reach the southern starting point of the trail, the village of Sevettijärvi, take road 971 (Kaamanen - Sevettijärvi), which turns off main road 4 about 25 km north of Inari.
  • To reach the northern end point of the trail take main road 4 to Utsjoki and continue along road 970 (to Nuorgam) until you reach Pulmankijärvi.
  • Local tourist enterprises and taxi services offer car transportation ( services between the trail's starting and end points.
Map of the Surroundings of Sevettijärvi - Pulmanki Trail

By Public Transportation

  • There are coaches ( from Inari (local route: Ivalo - Näätämö) and Utsjoki (express coach Vadsö/Tana - Rovaniemi and local route Nuorgam - Ivalo) to the trail's southern starting point. When coming to Sevettijärvi from Utsjoki you must change coaches at Kaamanen.
    • There is a daily coach connection from Rovaniemi to Inari.
    • There are taxi services at Nuorgam, Utsjoki and Sevettijärvi.
  • The closest you can get to the northern starting point by coach is Nuorgam. There are coaches ( ) from Inari to Nuorgam (local route Rovaniemi - Nuorgam/Tana, Ivalo - Nuorgam). It is about 20 km by road from Nuorgam to the trail starting point.
    • There is a taxi service in Nuorgam.
  • The closest airport ( is in Ivalo.
  • provides information on public transportation (


Electronic Maps

Please notice, that the skiing trail is not marked and the maintenance has stopped. (date 18.1.2019)

Sevettijärvi-Pulmanki Trail © Metsähallitus 2018

Other Maps

  • Sevettijärvi – Nuorgam outdoor map / ulkoilukartta 1:100 000, Karttakeskus 2014. The map is sold by Northern Lapland Nature Centre Siida, Ivalo Customer Service and Karttakeskus.
  • Kaldoaivi - Sevettijärvi - Nuorgam waterproof map, 1:100 000 (1:25 000), Calazo Förlag 2017. The map is sold by Northern Lapland Nature Centre Siida and Ivalo Customer Service
  • Terrain maps W524, X513 and X514, 1:50 000, National Land Survey of Finland 2008 - 2009. The maps are sold by Northern Lapland Nature Centre Siida, Ivalo Customer Service and the National Land Survey of Finland.
  • Retkeily GT Pohjois-Suomi: Outdoor GT map Northern Finland, 2016, 1:400 000. The maps are sold by Karttakeskus and well-stocked bookstores.

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