Natural Features in Sevettijärvi-Näätämö Area

"Folk tradition has mentions of Lake Joutsenenkaulajärvi and the village of Näätämö. But the world changes constantly; this is exceptionally true of the landscape in this bright and exceptionally beautiful area.

Kapustarinta. Photo: Markus Varesvuo

Summer-time travellers are often overpowered with a feeling that there is something magical here, as the sun shines for many days and nights in one go and one tends to lose their sense of time. It disappears much like the Golden Plover's melancholic call…

Sometimes you notice seasons change in the same way as you would happen upon a Norway Lemming on Villavaara Fell: a moment ago you did not realise it happened and after that it owns you for that moment. Lemmings make their displeasure at being disturbed very apparent and loudly at that, and then disappear so fast you do not have the opportunity to examine them closely. You are only left with a beautiful memory.

And the area's waters: lakes more crystal clear than diamonds. Their water makes you understand the true meaning of thirst and how it feels to quench it. Water this refreshing cannot be found even in springs described by poets. Fish caught from these lakes are the best possible and their quality cannot be met by any bought from fish markets, but not everyone is lucky enough to catch these tasty treasures.

Autumn brings with it a feeling that a slice of paradise has descended to the earth. It is filled with experiences such as an abundance of different sorts of berries; so abundant in fact that few have even dreamed of such. There is also an abundance of Willow Grouse. Few hunters return home empty handed. Those who spend a sunny day during the colourful Ruska season in the wilderness know that the only way to experience such bright and diverse colours is to return the next year.

A person who has sat at a campfire site on the edge of some Trail and seen the ricochet of sparks fly into the night sky reaching for the stars and seen that they are indeed part of one whole - the universe -, understands his part and the place in this rich, but very fragile wilderness."
(Martti Lintula, Ranger)