Sallivaara Reindeer Round-Up Site

Location of Sallivaara in FinlandNorthern Lapland
Inari Municipality (
Lemmenjoki National Park
The Sallivaara round-up site is maintained by Metsähallitus.


The Sallivaara reindeer round-up site comprises restored buildings and structures steeped in the atmosphere of days gone by. The wintertime round-up in Sallivaara used to last for weeks, and life at the pen was colourful and filled with hard work.

Sallivaara is located in the Lemmenjoki National Park, the largest remaining roadless woodland wilderness in Finland. The national park is a part of Sámi territory, with some of the indigenous people still making their living by reindeer husbandry and other natural sources of livelihood.

The Sallivaara Round-Up Site. Photo: Lentokuva Vallas

Sallivaara with its cabins and huts is one of the few well-preserved large reindeer round-up sites from the old days. The round-up that took place in December and January used to last one or two weeks, and people gathered from near and far to participate. In the 1950s, a peculiar market tradition emerged at the site with evening markets and dances.

The cabins and fence structures were restored in the late 1980s. The structures are protected as monuments to Sámi reindeer husbandry with their valuable industrial and cultural history. The cabins and huts are still privately owned, but some of them are open to the public as either sights or open wilderness huts. The huts open to the public are maintained by Metsähallitus.

Opening Hours  

The huts that are open to the public are always open. There are no entrance fees to the buildings.  

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Directions and Maps  

Sallivaaara directions

By Car or by Hiking 

  • The trail to Sallivaara starts from the Repojoki information point located along the road from Inari to Kittilä (no. 955), 70 km from Inari towards Kittilä. There is a roughly 6 km walk from the information point to the Sallivaara round-up site. The trail has signposts and duckboards.

By Public Transportation

  • There is no public trasportation to Repojoki. 


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Open Wilderness Hut 

  • Sallivaara, open wilderness hut. The hut is known as the policemen's hut, and there is a campfire and camping site next to it.

Information Hut 

  • Kaapi Aikio and Teuvo Lehtola's hut serves as an information hut. There is material in the hut that introduces visitors to the history of Sallivaara.

Trail to the Top of Sallivaara Hill 

  • A trail starts between the information hut and the open wilderness hut to the top of the Sallivaara hill with views over the vast marshland areas surrounding the site. 

Services for the Disabled 

  • There are no services for the disabled in the area.

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