Customer Service and Guidance

  • Map and Compass. Photo: Nina RaasakkaSaariselkä Customer Service Kiehinen
    • On the Finnmark Trail -exhibition
    • Information on Urho Kekkonen National Park, hiking, wilderness huts, river crossings, and assistance in planning a hiking route
    • Information on hiking possibilities in surrounding areas
    • Reservations and keys for rental huts, in the Hammastunturi Wilderness Area
    • Keys for wilderness huts in Urho Kekkonen National Park
    • Sale of fishing and snowmobile permits
    • Reservations for some rental cabins.
    • Maps, books about nature and hiking, posters, postcards, small products for hiking, and products about Urho Kekkonen National Park (t-shirts, caps and pins)
    • Information and brochures on Metsähallitus products and services
  • Northern Lapland Tourism Ltd ( )
    • A wide array of information on tourism services, such as lodging, restaurants and programme services in the Saariselkä area and in Northern Lapland.

Services offered by enterprises and other organisations

Meals, Where to Buy and Prepare

Cafés and Restaurants

  • There are restaurants and cafes at the Saariselkä tourist resort and at Laanila Village, Kakslauttanen, Kiilopää Fell and Kaunispää Fell.


  • There are two food shops at the Saariselkä tourist resort.

Campfire Shelter at Piispanoja. Photo: Nina RaasakkaCampfire Sites, Huts and Campire Shelters

  • There are numerous campfire sites, day-trip huts, lean-to shelters and campfire shelters in the Saariselkä area. The majority of these are maintained by Metsähallitus. Lighting fires at campfire sites is forbidden when there is a forest fire warning in effect, but the use of camping cookers is permitted at these times. When lighting a campfire use firewood sparingly.
  • Luulampi and Rautulampi day trip huts are being repaired in the summer 2014. During the renovations the huts are out of use. The work will start on the 28th of April. Rautulampi will be out of use until the end of May, Luulampi until the beginning of August 2014.

Drinking Water

  • The water in the area's ponds, streams and rivers should usually be safe to drink, but the water systems have not been tested. It is therefore advisable to boil water before drinking it.
  • Visitors may take water from Visitor Centres and Customer Service Points with them on their hike.
  • For tips on drinking water, please see the Hiking in Finland pages.

Waste Management

  • The trails in the area surrounding Saariselkä are considered a litter free hiking area. Litter bins have been removed for the most part from along the day-trip trail network. The cleanliness of the day-trip and wilderness huts as well as waste management depends on hikers independently being conscientious and recycling their own waste. Please avoid bringing excess litter in advance. Biodegradable waste should be placed in a toilet or composter, and small amounts of clean paper and cardboard can be used as kindling in a campfire. Hikers must bring other litter out of the area and dispose of it at a recycling and waste point. There are recycling and waste points at trail starting points, which are maintained by the municipalities.
  • Read more on Hiking Without Littering.


  • Almost all the wilderness huts and lean-to shelters in the Saariselkä area and in Urho Kekkonen National Park have a dry toilet on their grounds.

Overnight Stays

Camping, Lean-to Shelters and Campfire Shelters

Open and Reservable Wilderness Huts

Along the network of day-trip trails in the Saariselkä area there are a number of day-trip huts, which are there for hikers to use as resting spots. Some of them are in the so-called basic zone of Urho Kekkonen National Park, while others are situated outside the national park. Day-trip huts are intended as short rest stops, not for overnight stays. There are also several open and reservable wilderness huts in the Saariselkä area, at which hikers can spend the night.

Moitakuru day trip hut. Photo: Nina Raasakka











Day-trip Huts in the Saariselkä Area Outside of the National Park

Wilderness Huts in Urho Kekkonen National Park Basic Zone

Services for Caravan Tourists

Some of the tourist enterprises in the Saariselkä area rent parking spots caravan in camping areas. For more information see the Saariselkä website (

Services for the Disabled

  • Kiehinen Customer Service is situated at Saariselkä in the Siula building, the front entrance of which has a ramp. The Siula building also has an elevator.
  • The beautiful scenic point at the top of Kaunispää Fell is accessible by car. Also Saariselkä area sights such as Magneettimäki Hill and Museotie road are accessible by car.
  • The following campfire sites are accessible by the disabled, if they have assistance:
    • Kiilopää campfire site, at the starting point for Kiilopää nature trails, on the grounds of Fell Centre Kiilopää.
    • Piispanoja campfire site in the terrain between Saariselkä tourist resort and Laanila Village. Piispanoja is accessible during summertime, with the help of an assistant by a hiking trail from Laanila. The dry toilet at Piispaoja can be used by the disabled if they have assistance.
  • Disabled visitors can get around Saariselkä tourist resort along the cycling routes there and local tourist enterprises offer destinations and services suited for the disabled.

Lodging, Equipment Rental and Other Services in the Surrounding Area

  • The Saariselkä tourist resort area includes shops which sell hiking equipment, as well as other shops, an ATM, a taxi service, a post office and a fuel distribution point.
  • There is a doctor on call at Saariselkä. The closest banks and medical centres are situated in the towns of Ivalo and Sodankylä. One of the shops at Saariselkä has a small pharmacy section. The closest pharmacy is in Ivalo.
  • Find out more about visiting Lapland (