Hiking Trails

Starting Points for Trails

  • The trails which circle around Lake Suujärvi and travel along the shore of Lake Kuivajärvi all start off from the area's main parking area.
  • Trails leading in the direction of the ridge reserve start off from the scenic lookout tower's parking area.

Photo: S-M Hiukkamäki

Nature Trails

  • The nature trail, 2.7 km has its starting point at the area's main parking area. The trail features the area's nature and unique features. The trail is easy to travel, level circle trail, which is marked with signposts. For half of its distance it travels along the shore of Lake Kuivajärvi. For its other half it travels through the forest back to the parking area. The trail is wide and sand-based. It is suited for those travelling with baby prams or those travelling by wheelchair if they are assisted.
    • Services: There are rest spots, campfire sites as well as 1 lean-to shelter along the trail. The information boards are in Finnish.
    • Connecting trails: For some time the trail follows the same route as the longer circle trail (3.4 km).

Circle Trails

  • Circle trail around Lake Suujärvi, 3.4 km has its starting point at the area's main parking area. There are big hills at points along this trail. The trail is for the most part easy to travel, but it is rocky on the southwest shore of Lake Suujärvi. Hikers can forgo the rocky section by following an asphalt road to the top of the hill. The trail is marked with signposts.
    • Services: 1 lean-to shelter and campfire sites and rest spots along the trail. Information boards are in Finnish.
    • Sights: The old groove through which logs were pulled between Lake Määrlammi and Lake Suujärvi.
    • Connecting trails: For some time the trail follows the same route as the nature trail.

Other Trails

  • It is about 0.5 km from the scenic lookout tower's parking area to the tower itself. There are very steep ascents along this trail. The route is marked with signposts.
    • Connecting trails: The trail is connected to the beginning portion of the Ilvesreitti Trail Network (www.hameenvirkistysalueyhdistys.fi, in Finnish).
    • The Ilvesreitti Trail Network, which has 200 km of trails, has a starting point at the scenic tower's parking area. The Ilvesreitti trails leads to, for example, Häme Nature Centre, Eerikkilä Sports Institute (www.eerikkila.fi) and Liesjärvi National Park. The Ilvesreitti Trail Network is marked with yellow Lynx symbols (ilves = lynx ).

Canoeing Routes

  • River Loimijoki Canoe Route. The route's starting point is in Lake Liesjärvi. From there the route continues along the River Turpoonjoki to Lake Kuivajärvi past the Folk Park of Saari. From there it continues via Lake Pyhäjärvi along the River Loimijoki through the Forssa and Loimaa areas into the Kokemäenjoki River System up till the Alastaro area. The route with all the tributaries is 250 km long. The section from Lake Liesjärvi to Forssa can be paddled in kayaks or canoes and is considerably easy to travel especially the portion from Lake Liesjärvi to Lake Pyhäjärvi, though there are small rapids around the way. There are a few dams along the route past which you must carry your canoe. In Forssa at Vieremänkoski Rapids there is a dangerous rocky waterfall, past which you must also carry your canoe.
    • Services:
      • Rest spots: Lean-to shelters at Lake Liesjärvi and in the Folk Park of Saari, programme and food services in Turpoo Village. There is a café in Porras Village and a restaurant in the Folk Park of Saari and a camping ground, lodging and food services after Saari Strait. There are food and lodging services on the skirts of Tammela Village. Lodging and food services in Forssa.
      • There are also other landing places for boats than the ones mentioned before along the route. Landing points and their services are marked on the Häme Lake Uplands outdoor map.
    • Maps

Excursionmap.fi: Folk Park of Saari

Dogs must be kept on a leash! Photo: Seppo Leinonen.

Dogs must be kept on a leash!

(chapter 8 -  Keeping a dog)