The Folk Park of Saari was established as a result of a proposal by Lounais-Hämeen Kotiseutu- ja Museoyhdistys -association in 1932. The area was rented from the Saari Manor for one Finn Mark a year to be used as a public recreation and outdoor area. In 1933 an outdoor theatre was built on the slope by Lake Suujärvi. The theatre is still in use today. The area was sold in 1980 to the municipality of Tammela and the town of Forssa.

This beautiful landscape has been the setting for midsummer festivities from 1934 onward, except during wartime. The area is known as the gem of the Lounais-Häme region.

The landscape around Saari Manor has been classified as exceptionally valuable, beautiful farm and cultural landscape. The manor was built in the 1600s and is today in private use.

Kaukolanharju Scenic Lookout Tower

Kaukolanharju Scenic Lookout Tower. Photo: Pinja Pirttilä.A 21 metre tall scenic lookout tower stands on Kaukolanharju Ridge. The top of the tower is closed off with walls on each side and made of wood. The tower, which was built in 1926, was designed by A. Nummi a building engineer from Forssa.

During the Winter War the tower was an anti-aircraft watch tower. These days the tower offers visitors spectacular views over ridge and lake landscape. The scenery and landscape was chosen in 1995 by the Häme Heimoliitto as one of the Kanta-Häme region's most beautiful and in 1993 by the Ministry of the Environment as one of the country's most beautiful.

Near the tower is a memorial stone for artist Albert Edelfelt. It is situated in the spot where he painted one of his best known works "Kaukolanharju auringonlaskun aikaan" (Kaukalonharju at sunset) in 1889. The painting is a view from Kaukolanharju Ridge of the surrounding lake backs.

  • The scenic lookout tower (, in Finnish) is open to the public during summer. There is a small admission fee.

Lounais-Hämeen pirtti Estate and Hakkapeliittakellari Cellar

Lounais-Hämeen Pirtti Estate's (, in Finnish) interior is furnished with traditional peasant owned fixtures from the 1800s. The building houses a restaurant which serves traditional foods, a cafe and a museum. The building was built by the community in 1946-48 and was designed by architect V. Kyander. The building is owned by the Lounais-Hämeen Pirtin Säätiö -foundation.

The museum situated on the bottom floor of the Pirtti features the 30-year war (1618-48) and the Tammela cavalrymen who fought in it. In the cellar there is a separate exhibit on articles related to the calvalry.

Old Saari Bridge

The old arched bridge over Saarensalmi Sound was built in 1923. It was built in place of the bridge destroyed during the World War One.