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What can one do in the Folk Park of Saari?

Walk on Marked Trails

There are several different short trails within the area. Some of these are easy to travel and are suited for the disabled and those travelling with baby prams. Other trails have steep hills and are not as easy to travel. For those hikers who want to set off on a longer trek Folk Park of Saari is the starting point for the Ilves Trail Network, via which visitors can get to Häme Visitor Centre and Ruostejärvi Recreation Area.

Go Wilderness Trekking

The Folk Park of Saari is the starting point for the Ilves Trail network (www.hameenvirkistysalueyhdistys.fi, in Finnish), which has over 200 km of trails. Hikers can stay overnight in tents, lean-to shelters and Lapp pole tents or opt for accommodation at paid for lodging.

Go Canoeing and Rowing

The Loimijoki Canoe Route passes by the Folk Park of Saari and the nearby lakes offer wonderful surroundings for boating and canoeing.

The nearby lakes offer great opportunities for water activities. Photo: S-M Hiukkamäki

Go Sailing or Motor Boating

There are numerous boat launch points in and around the Folk Park of Saari. Lake Kuivajärvi and the nearby Lake Pyhäjärvi are both popular amongst boaters and fishers.

See the Sights and Scenery

  • The scenic lookout tower at Kaukolanharju Ridge is 21 metres tall and has wooden walls. The tower offers spectacular views over forests and lake backs.
  • Lounais-Hämeen pirtti is a tourist estate which is furnished with traditional farm artefacts. There is a restaurant with traditional foods, a cafe and a museum on the premises. The building was built in 1946 - 1948.

Walk on Nature Trail

There is a 2.7 km long nature trail at Folk Park of Saari, which features the area's nature and unique natural features.

Ski Cross-country off Trails

During winter visitors can ski along the trails in the Folk Park of Saari and along the ice covering the nearby lakes. Remember that ice is weaker in spots where there are currents and currents change places during winter.

Go Fishing

  • Hook and line fishing and ice fishing are allowed according to the Everyman's right (www.environment.fi).
  • Lure fishing is allowed in the region with a fisheries management fee (www.eräluvat.fi). If you are fishing with more than one rod, you will need the permission of the owner of the water area in addition to the fisheries management fee.
    • Lake Kuivajärvi and the nearby Lake Pyhärvi are the best fishing spots in the municipality of Tammela. The pike-perch is a common and popular catch. Other fish which can be caught from the lakes are the northern pike, the European perch, the burbot, and occasionally the brown tout. The lakes are part of the Tammela fishing area which consists of 3160 hectares of fishing waters in Lakes Pyhäjärvi and Kuivajärvi. Information on fishing permits: the Tammela fishing area (www.kalapaikka.net, in Finnish). 
  • Fishers need to check the restrictions on fishing sites at kalastusrajoitus.fi (In Finnish).

Go Cycling

A cycling route which travels through the Folk Park of Saari is marked on the Häme Lake Uplands outdoor map (www.hameenvirkistysalueyhdistys.fi, in Finnish). Cycling is also permitted on the Folk Park of Saari hiking trails. Always stay on clearly visible tracks and pay attention to other hikers.

Go Berry and Mushroom Picking

Picking berries and mushrooms is permitted in the Folk Park of Saari. The blueberry (Vaccinium myrtillus) and lingonberry (Vaccinium vitis-idaea) are the most common berries in the park.

Go Swimming

The area is a popular swimming destination during summer. The shallow sandy beaches at Lake Kuivajärvi are ideal for children. The shoreline at Lake Suujärvi is deep and there are piers and diving boards to jump from. The beach is managed by the municipality of Tammela.

Go Diving

The clear waters and deep shores of Lake Suujärvi have made it a popular diving destination.