Starting Points for Excursions

Hikers can setoff on this trail either from its south end at the Ruostejärvi Recreation Area and Häme Nature Centre parking area, or from its north end at Folk Park of Saari parking area. Hikers can also travel a shorter section of the trail, by beginning or ending their hike at Eerikkilä Sports Institute. The trail can be travelled when the ground is not frozen.

Trail Markings

The trail is marked in the terrain with yellow lynx symbols on tree trunks. Additionally, at crossroads there are 1.2 metre high poles with a green Hämeen ilvesreitti sign on them.

Trail Sections

The trail is not a circle trail, but it can be divided into two separate sections. Hikers can just as easily start hiking from Häme Visitor Centre in Ruostejärvi Recreation Area, Folk Park of Saari or Eerikkilä Sports Institute.

Ruostejärvi Recreation Area - Eerikkilä Sports Institute, 2 km

  • The trail sets off from Häme Nature Centre in Ruostejärvi Recreation Area.
  • The trail heads from the visitor centre and recreation area parking area gate building along duckboards via natural and built trails to Eerikkilä Sports Institute.
  • The trail leads, for the most part, through ridge landscape along the shores of Lake Ruostejärvi and Lake Leppilampi.

Eerikkilä Sports Institute - Folk Park of Saari, 12 km

  • The trail crosses the grounds of Eerikkilä Sports Institute; leading between the area's hotel and the football hall.
  • After passing Eerikkilä the trail leads northwest into a long forested portion of the trail following boundary lines to Niinimäki passing the Niinimäki ponds and the Niinimäki cliff wall.
  • At Niinimäki the trail turns northeast and leads through the small protected Niinimäki wetland in Torronsuo National Park.
  • The trail to Folk Park of Saari continues through forest areas towards Kaukola Village. At first the trail leads along forest paths then changes into a forestry machine track and forest road and at the end of the route into a local road and then a village road in Kaukola.
  • From Kaukola Village the trail climbs a private road onto Kaukola ridge, from where there is a spectacular view of ridge and lake landscape.
  • The trail passes Kaukola scenic lookout tower and descends into Folk Park of Saari, where hikers can find both a sandy beach and a swimming spot. There is a lean-to shelter, as well as, a campfire site and swimming spot in the southern portion of Folk Park of Saari near the River Kuivajärvi in the Raanpää area. Swimming spots are managed by municipality of Tammela.

Connecting Trails

One part of the trail is marked with the Häme Ilvesreitti Trail network metal plaques. Photo: Outi MäenpääHiking Trails

The trail is part of the over 200 km long Häme Ilvesreitti Trail Network (, in Finnish) and so there are ample possibilities for longer treks as well. There are connecting trails, for example, from Ruostejärvi to Liesjärvi National Park, to Lake Onkimaanjärvi and on from there to the Karkkila trails, Räyskälä in Loppi and from there along the Härkätie Trail to Hämeenlinna.

Canoeing Routes

The River Loimijoki canoe route passes through the Folk Park of Saari.

Biking Trails

National cycling routes lead through both Ruostejärvi Recreation Area and Folk Park of Saari. For more information on cycling routes see the Häme Lake Uplands outdoor map (, in Finnish).

Dogs must be kept on a leash! Photo: Seppo Leinonen.

Dogs must be kept on a leash!