Ruostejärvi - Saari Trail 

Location of Ruostejärvi - Saari Trail in FinlandSouthern Finland, Kanta-Häme Region
Tammela (, in Finnish)
Ruostejärvi Recreation Area, Niinimäki Conservation Area and Folk Park of Saari

The Ruostejärvi - Saari Hiking Trail connects two popular hiking destinations in the Häme Lake Uplands; Ruostejärvi Recreation Area and Folk Park of Saari. Both have been known for decades already as a peaceful destination for nature lovers and a source of recreation. The trail leads, for the most part, through pine dominant forest landscape, but the area's ridge slopes, natural lakes, winding shoreline, as well as, its small protected wetland add variety. Hikers can admire the beauty of the area's abundant number of plant species, check out the area's berry and mushroom crop and listen to the murmur of the wind in the pines or the concert of birdsong. At the end of an excursion hikers can rest at the sandy beach or take a dip in the bright, clear lake.

The trail, which can be travelled when the ground is not frozen, is easy to setoff on from Häme Visitor Centre, the customer service point which offers information on hiking in Ruostejärvi Recreation Area, but hikers can just easily get onto the trail from the Folk Park of Saari. In order to travel the trail hikers will need a map and map-reading skills. In addition hikers should be cautious as some portions of the route lead along forest roads and side and town roads.

The trail in its entirety is 14 km long. It can be travelled in one day, but hikers can also stretch their hike to last two days by travelling the trail back and forth and staying overnight at a lean-to shelter in either Ruostejärvi Recreation Area or Folk Park of Saari depending on which starting point you choose. There is also an option of extending your hikes even further, as the trail is part of the over 200 km long Häme Ilvesreitti Hiking Trail Network (, in Finnish).

Ruostejärvi - Saari Trail is Located in the Häme Lake Uplands

The Häme Lake Uplands is a natural gem in the centre of Häme and conveniently close to Finland's busiest urban centres. The Häme Lake Uplands is the ideal destination for a multitude of nature activities - read more on the destinations within the Häme Lake Uplands.

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