Ruostejärvi - Liesjärvi National Park Trail

Location of Ruostejärvi - Liesjärvi National Park Trail in FinlandSouthern Finland, Kanta-Häme Region
Tammela (, in Finnish), Loppi (
Ruostejärvi Recreation Area, Liesjärvi National Park, Tervalamminsuo Mire Reserve (, in Finnish)

The Ruostejärvi - Liesjärvi National Park Trail connects two popular hiking destinations in the Häme Lake Uplands; Ruostejärvi Recreation Area and Liesjärvi National Park, which is one of Finland's oldest national parks. Both of these areas have been known for decades to be beautiful nature recreation and hiking destinations.

The Ruostejärvi - Liesjärvi National Park Trail is forked in two. Visitors can hike from Ruostejärvi Recreation Area to the oldest core of Liesjärvi National Park, where for example the culturally and historically important Korteniemi forest ranger estate is located. The other route option is to head from Ruostejärvi to the newer portion of Liesjärvi National Park where Tervalamminsuo Mire and Lake Onkimaanjärvi are located. The 2 branches of the trail measure 12 km to Korteniemi and 24 km to Lake Onkimaanjärvi.

The trail leads for the most part through coniferous forest which is typical of the Häme area, but for example sloping ridges, natural ponds and winding shorelines bring a great deal to the route. Hikers can study the plants along the trail as well as gather mushrooms or berries. Visitors can enjoy the area's background music; the wind in the pines and a bird song concert.

The trail can be travelled when the ground is not frozen, and Häme Visitor Centre which offers information on hiking in Ruostejärvi Recreation Area, is the best place to set off on the route. Hikers must have a map and be skilled map readers to travel this trail.

The combined length of the trail's two forks is over 30 km and hikers can travel to both end points in the span of one day. The area offers the opportunity for much longer treks as well, since the trail is part of the over 200 km long Häme Ilvesreitti Trail Network (, in Finnish).

Ruostejärvi - Liesjärvi National Park Trail is Located in the Häme Lake Uplands

The Häme Lake Uplands is a natural gem in the centre of Häme and conveniently close to Finland's busiest urban centres. The Häme Lake Uplands is the ideal destination for a multitude of nature activities - read more on the destinations within the Häme Lake Uplands.

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