Starting Points for Excursions

  • You can set off for the Ruijanpolku Trail from Lake Sompiojärvi, which is 16 km from the village of Vuotso along Highway no. 4 (E75).
  • You can also access the Ruijanpolku Trail from Kiilopääntie Road, where there are signposts to the trail and a parking area.
  • You can also start hiking from the trail's northern end in Laanila, from where you can access the Ruijanpolku Trail from the starting point for the Saariselkä area's summer trails.
  • From Kakslauttanen and Kiilopää, there is also a trail connection to Ruijanpolku along the Saariselkä area's marked trails.
  • Driving directions to the starting points
Ruijanpolku Trail information. Photo: Kimmo Kuure

Trail Sections

When setting out on your Ruijanpolku hike from the Sompiojärvi camping site, you will immediately enter terrain that is wooded but very rocky in places. The first target on the hike is to reach the Terävä-Nattanen campfire site at a distance of 6 km, where it is pleasant to take a break before taking the trail for the next section.

From the campfire site, a path branches off from the Ruijanpolku Trail. This 1-km trail takes you onto the summit of Terävä-Nattanen Fell. It is worthwhile allowing time for fell conquering and admiring the handsome views at a height of 544 m. Descend from Terävä-Nattanen Fell along the same marked trail to the campfire site and continue towards the north.

The distance to the Kaptukaislampi campfire site is about 9 km. By the Kaptukaislammet Ponds you can stay overnight in a tent or lean-to shelder and continue hiking in the morning in the mire and forest landscape towards the north. If you walk the entire length of the marked Ruijanpolku Trail, there are still almost 20 km left from the Kaptukaislammet Ponds to Laanila. This section chiefly constitutes dry heath forest. Please remember that in the Sompio Strict Nature Reserve you are only allowed to trek along the marked trails.

Trail Sections

  • Lake Sompiojärvi - the Terävä-Nattanen campfire site, 6 km.
  • The Terävä-Nattanen campfire site - Terävä-Nattanen Summit, 1 km.
  • The Terävä-Nattanen campfire site - the Kaptukaislampi lean-to shelter, 9 km.
  • The Kaptukaislampi lean-to shelter - Kiilopääntie Road, 13 km.
  • Kiilopääntie Road - Laanila, 6 km.
  • Read the descriptions of the trail sections

Trail MarkingsRuijanpolku Trail marking. Photo: Kimmo Kuure

The Ruijanpolku Trail has been marked in the terrain according to the old marking method, i.e., using wooden poles equipped with X symbols. In addition, there are old stone heaps along the trail that function as trail markings. These old stony trail markings must remain untouched (the Antiquities Act).

Connecting Trails

The Ruijanpolku Trail's southern end connects with Sompiojärventie Road, next to which is a connection to the Pyhä-Nattanen Trail. At the Ruijanpolku Trail's northern end, there is a connection from the trail (in Kiilopää and Laanila) to the Saariselkä-Kiilopää area's summer and winter trails.

Dogs must be kept on a leash! Photo: Seppo Leinonen.

Dogs must be kept on a leash!

(chapter 8 -  Keeping a dog)