By Car

  • At the village of Vuotso, turn east from Highway no. 4 (E75) onto the Sompiojärventie Road and drive to Ruijanpolku's starting point on the shores of Lake Sompiojärvi. The signpost for "Sompiojärventie" is at the crossroads of Highway no. 4. The Sompiojärvi forest road, which runs across the southern edge of the Sompio Strict Nature Reserve, is drivable in summer. In early summer it is always advisable to check the road's condition at the Saariselkä Customer Service Kiehinen in Saariselkä. The road is not maintained in winter.
  • You can also start hiking from the trail's northern end in Laanila. Laanila is located in the Saariselkä tourist area. It is about 40 km from Vuotso to the north to Laanila along Highway no. 4 (E75). From Ivalo, it is about 30 km to the south to Laanila. From Laanila you can set off for Ruijanpolku from the starting point for the Saariselkä area's summer trails.
  • Access to the Ruijanpolku Trail can be gained from Kiilopääntie Road. Turn onto Kiilopääntie Road from Kakslauttanen. Kakslauttanen is located about 30 km north of Vuotso and about 40 km south of Ivalo. From Kakslauttanen, drive for about 4 km towards Kiilopää where there is access to the Ruijanpolku Trail. By Kiilopääntie Road there is a parking area and signposts to the trail.
  • From Kakslauttanen and Kiilopää, there is also a trail connection to Ruijanpolku along the Saariselkä area's marked trails.

Ruijanpolku Destination Map copyright Metsähallitus 2010

By Public Transportation

  • There are several coaches ( that operate daily from Rovaniemi to Ivalo along Highway no. 4 (E75): Rovaniemi - Sodankylä - Vuotso - Tankavaara - Kakslauttanen - Saariselkä - Ivalo. You can alight from the coach at Vuotso, Kakslauttanen, Kiilopää or Laanila. The Ruijanpolku Trail can be accessed from all of these places.
  • The coaches serve as connections from trains ( and flights ( arriving in Rovaniemi.
  • There is a coach connection from flights arriving in Ivalo ( to Saariselkä and Kiilopää, from where the distance to Vuotso is about 40 km.


Electronic Maps

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