Hiking Trails

Photo: MetsähallitusNotice! Trail markings and trails in Riuttaskopri area are in poor shape. If you plan to go to Riuttaskorpi, make sure you have a map and compass with you.

Starting Points for Trails

Myllykangas parking area is a good starting point as you can get straight onto Haukijärven kierros Circle Trail and Matkamiehen jäljillä (on the tracks of a traveller) Trail from there. From Sotamiehenaho parking area it is a 2 km hike to Kuttulammin kierros Circle Trail.

Circle Trails

Matkamiehen jäljillä (on the tracks of a traveller) Trail is made up of two circle trails, which have a connecting trail between them:

  • Haukijärven kierros Circle Trail, 4 km, travels across diverse terrain and through diverse landscape. The landscape alternates between murky spruce forest, mires and sunny pine forests.
    • Services: Lake Haukijärvi cooking shelter, well and camping area, Haukijärvi rental sauna, Haukikallio campfire site, Haukijärvi look-out tower (closed), Suutarilankoski campfire site, camping area and lean-to shelter.
    • The cooking shelter on the north shore of Lake Haujkijärvi and the grounds around it are accessible by wheelchair and with a baby pram. There is also a toilet for the disabled at the lake.
  • Kuttulammin kierros Circle Trail, 3 km, leads for the most part through forest and partly along roads. We recommend you continue your hike to Pitkäkoski Rapids which will stretch the distance to about 6 km.
    • Services: Lake Kuttulampi cooking shelter, well and camping area, Pitkäkoski Rapids campfire site.

Other Trails

  • Pirkan Taival Hiking Route, 300 km, travels across the southern portion of Riuttaskorpi and is the connecting trail between the area's two national parks Helvetinjärvi and Seitseminen.
    • During winter there is a traditional cross-country ski trail along Pirkan Taival. The ski trail touches upon the southern boundary of Riuttaskorpi Recreational Forest. The ski trail is maintained by the municipality of Ylöjärvi (www.ylojarvi.fi).

Other Hiking Tips

  • Choose your own path: In the recreational forest it is possible for persons with orienteering skills, a map and a compass to stray off marked trails. It is an Everyman's Right (www.ymparisto.fi) to hike wherever one wants in the area.
  • Destinations accessible by wheelchair or with baby pram: The Lake Haukijärvi cooking shelter and camping area, Suutarilankoski Rapids and Pitkäkoski Rapids are all accessible by roads. The roads to Haukijärvi and Suutarilankoski are closed off with beams; the keys to which visitors can get from Seitseminen Visitor Centre.

Excursionmap.fi: Riuttaskorpi

Dogs must be kept on a leash! Photo: Seppo Leinonen.

Dogs must be kept on a leash!