Natural Features of Riuttaskorpi

Riuttaskorpi, which is located in northern Kuru, is one of the highest places in Pirkanmaa. The landscape is rugged and the area's forests are for the most part pine-dominant. There are small mires where there are depressions and along shores.

The most eye-catching feature in the area is the Pitkäkangas moraine esker, which runs from north to south. Water-related natural features are also diverse in the area. A section of the River Keihäsjoki water route (, in Finnish) runs through the area. Along it visitors can admire beautiful rapids and lakes and their surroundings.

Sammalistosuo mire. Photo: Timo Nieminen

History of Riuttaskorpi

Riuttaskorpi has always been a sparsely settled out of the way area, but it has not been inaccessible to man. There is a water route running through the area, which has offered great possibilities for log floating. The clang of axes has carried far from the logging areas. At the area's rapids mills churned night and day during the spring and autumn floods.

The old log floating structures have survived up to this day. There are also many stories that have been told throughout the times and are still heard in the area today. One of the best known ones is Matkamiehen näky which J.L. Runeberg wrote as part of The Tales of Ensign Stål.