Riuttaskorpi Recreational Forest

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Location of Riuttaskorpi in FinlandWestern Finland, Pirkanmaa Region
Municipality of Ylöjärvi (www.ylojarvi.fi)
Area: 16 sq.km.
The area is managed by Metsähallitus.

Riuttaskorpi Recreational Forest is part of the peaceful backwoods in the Suomenselkä watershed area. There are many stories told about the area and these have inspired for example Finland's national poet J. L. Runeberg to write one of the stories in the epic called The Tales of Ensign Stål.

Riuttaskorpi is best suited for a half-day or 1-day hike. If you want to extend your hike you can continue to either Seitseminen National Park or Helvetinjärvi National Park, which are both located near-by.

This is the webpage www.nationalparks.fi/riuttaskorpi

Notice! Trail markings and trails in Riuttaskopri area are in poor shape. If you plan to go to Riuttaskorpi, make sure you have a map and compass with you.

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