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Starting Points for Trails

Possible starting points for the Reposuo area's circle trail are the Ulkkajoki, Kiviniemi and Anttonen parking areas.

Circle Trail

  • Ketunlenkki Circle Trail leads through mire, forest and lake landscape. Photo: MetsähallitusKetunlenkki Circle Trail 12 km circles the entire Reposuo area. The trail is marked with orange circles. The trail is for the most part easy to travel, but the terrain is diverse, Around 5 km of the trail has duckboards on it. A part of the trail runs along a road.

    We recommend that you follow the route of the trail counter-clockwise. From the Nature observation tower which is situated 200 m from Ulkkajoki parking area the trail leads across a stretch of pine bog in the open bog to Kaiskunniemi campfire site. When heading across the open bog stop to take a look at the watery view on your right or the area with small, still ponds on your left.

    At Kaiskunniemi the terrain changes from beautiful pine covered ridge to a damp sapling filled dell. From Kaiskunniemi the trail curves and leads to shoreline mire which borders on Lake Pankajärvi. It leads between the lake's shore and the mire towards Salvoniemi. At Salvoniemi there is a campfire site in the midst of old commercial forest. From Salvoniemi the trail continues to Kiviniemi and on from there along a road until it reaches an intersection. From here the trail turns right to follow a dirt road by a mire. After about 1 km the dirt road becomes a path, which also folllows the mire side and leads to the ridge area on the south side of Lake Olpperinlampi. Olpperi campfire site is on the top of the ridge. A beautiful view of the open bog and Lake Pankajärvi behind it opens from the campfire site. From the campfire site the trail leads back to Ulkkajoki parking area. We recommend that you reserve 3 to 7 hours to hike this trail.

    • Services: At the Kaiskunniemi, Salvoniemi and Olpperi campfire site there are wood sheds and dry toilets. Ulkkajoki Nature observation tower and the lookout platform are accessible by wheelchair and with a baby pram.

    • Sights: Ulkkajoki Nature observation tower and lookout platform.

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Dogs must be kept on a leash! Photo: Seppo Leinonen.

Dogs must be kept on a leash!

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