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What can one do in Reposuo Area?

Walk on Marked Trails

Ketunlenkki Circle Trail 12 km, circles around the entire Reposuo area for the most part across easy to travel, but diverse terrain. The trail travels alternately along the side of the open bog, onto small ridges and by lakes.

Go Bird Watching

During migration time the mires are a flurry of activity. Spring and autumn are the best times to visit the area's Nature observation tower and lookout platform, which are situated at the edge of the open bog. Both of these destinations are accessible by wheelchair and with a baby pram. With binoculars you can see the Osprey (Pandion haliaetus) on the prey above Lake Pankajärvi.

A birdwatcher with a camera at Reposuo. Photo: Juha Virekoski

Between April 15th and July 10th we ask that visitors not enter the restricted area which is the area within the loop of Ketunlenkki Circle Trail as this is when birds are nesting. Visitors can observe birds without disturbing them from the Nature observation tower and from the marked trail. Since the Nature observation tower was built Reposuo has been one of the locations where bird watchers have taken part in the Tornien taisto "battle of the towers" competition arranged by BirdLife Finland (www.birdlife.fi). Visitors compete to see who will catch sight of the most bird species during a specified time.

Ski Cross-country on Maintained Trails and off Trails

  • Skiing is allowed in the Reposuo, but there are no maintained ski trails.
  • Next to the Reposuo area there is a lit ski trail maintained by the town of Lieksa. The trail is 3.5 k long in one direction. The level ski trail is suited for both classical and free-style cross-country skiing. The ski trail's starting point is next to Rantapolku Trail at Pankakoski near the Stora Enso Oy building. About 1.5 km from the starting point the trail comes to the edge of the Reposuo area and follows its boundary for 2 km until there is a turning point from where skiers return along the same route.

Go Fishing

In order to protect the area's bird population we ask that you not fish at Lake Olpperinlampi. The Osprey for example nests right near the lake. We are in talks with the Lieksa fishing cooperative, which manages the lake area, to ban fishing there completely.

Go on Guided Group Tour in the Area

Local tourist service entrepreneurs arrange tours of the area. For more information contact Visitor Centre Ukko in Koli or Karelia Expert tourist services (www.visitkarelia.fi).

Go Berry and Mushroom Picking

Berry and mushroom picking are allowed in the Reposuo area when there are no restrictions on movement in the area in force. Please do not enter the restricted area from 15.4. to 10.7. The restricted area is the area within Ketunlenkki Circle Trail, which is marked in the terrain with orange circles.

Reposuo is a cranberry-lovers paradise during abundant berry years. Your buckets will be especially full when berry picking in the open bog. Cranberries (Vaccinium oxycoccos) are ripe late in the year and much of the crop is often left to be covered by snow. The unpicked cranberries are sweetest in spring as the winter freeze lessens the berry's bitterness.