The Poronpolku Trail network is situated in the municipality of Loppi, on the south side of road 54 and for the most part to the north and the east of Lake Punelia.

The trail is located about 25 km west of Riihimäki and about 15 km north of Karkkila.

The trail's starting point is at Luutalmmi parking area in Komio Nature Reserve (at the south end of the trail).

By Car

  • To reach Luutalammi parking area in Komio Nature Reserve turn off road 54 towards the south at Loppi Village. Road 13609, which leads through the centre of the village, begins as Yhdystie Road, but soon its name changes to Pilpalantie Road. Follow the road south towards Pilpala Village for about 10 km, at which point there is a crossroads with a signpost pointing to Luutasuo, and you must turn according to the sign onto a sand road heading northwest. There is a small parking area, which fits a few cars, and an information board at the crossroads. The actual Luutalammi parking area is 2.5 km down the sand road. There is an information board at Luutalammi parking area. Lake Luutalammi is on the north side of the road.

Map of the Surroundings of Poronpolku Trail

By Public Transportation

  • Coaches (, in Finnish) travel daily to Pilpala from the directions of Loppi and Karkkila (Helsinki). From Pilpala it is approximately a 5 km hike to Luutasyrjä parking area.
  • provides information on public transportation (


Electronic Maps

Map of Poronpolku trail

Other Maps

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