Location of Poronpolku Trail in FinlandSouthern Finland, Kanta-Häme Region
Loppi (www.loppi.fi, in Finnish)
The trail leads partially through Komio Nature Reserve. Maintenance of the trail is the responsibility of the municipality of Loppi (www.loppi.fi, in Finnish), except the portion leading through Komio Nature Reserve, which is maintained by Metsähallitus. The ski trails in Komio Nature Reserve are maintained by Lopen Samoojat (www.lopensamoojat.fi, in Finnish).

Poronpolku Trail was formed from the trails used in the popular Poronpolku Event held in the Loppi area. The Poronpolku Event has been held annually at Loppi from the 1960s onward and now takes place each year on the last Sunday in September. The trail itself is open to the public year round when the ground is not frozen.

The event as well as the trail have been named after the 10 reindeer which were test fed by Hankkija in Loppi during the 1960s (Poronpolku = reindeer trail). When the test feeding ended in the 1970s the reindeer left, but the name of the trail remained. Poronpolku Trail displays the area's ridge landscape in the most spectacular way, and this is why many hikers return year after year. The nature trails at the southern end of the route have information boards, which feature nature's cycle (in Finnish).

In its entirety the trial's route is 30 km long and divides into six shorter trail sections, which hikers can combine to make day trips the length of their choice. The shortest of the routes is the 3.5 km long Pikku-Samo. The trail's most southern section leads through Komio Nature Reserve, which is one of the trail's most impressive portions due to its diverse ridge landscape. Outside of the Komio Reserve the trail leads along paths as well as sand roads.

During winter there are ski trails in the Komio Reserve and its surrounding area, which are maintained by Lopen Samoojat. The trails are only suited for classical cross-country skiing. The ski trails are not lit.

Poropolku Trail is part of the Häme Lake Uplands Ilvesreitti Trail network. Poronpolku Trail has good trail connections to Räyskälä Airfield and the Melkuttimet area to the west and Loppi Village in the east; this part of the trail is called Paaran Patikka.

Poronpolku Trail is Located in the Häme Lake Uplands

The Häme Lake Uplands is a natural gem in the centre of Häme and conveniently close to Finland's busiest urban centres. The Häme Lake Uplands is the ideal destination for a multitude of nature activities - read more on the destinations within the Häme Lake Uplands.

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