Sights and Activities at Pisamalahti Hill Fort

The past is tangible at the Pisamalahti Hill Fort and the landscape is rugged. Services for hikers include the following:
  • The ancient Hill Fort rises 55 metres above the water level of Lake Saimaa. Photo: Anne PyykönenThe ancient fort was a refuge for locals in the Iron Age and Middle Ages. The Pisamalahti Hill Fort is an antiquity of national significance. Read more about the history of the Pisamalahti Hill Fort
  • The views from the top of the Pisamalahti Hill Fort are breathtaking as the hill rises up to 55 metres, directly above the waters of Lake Saimaa. At the foot of the hill you will truly feel small. Don't forget to bring your camera!
  • Hiking along the steep wooden steps and trails to the top of the hill is a healthy form of exercise in a natural environment. You can move about freely on the hill, but we recommend staying on the trails as the steep cliffs may be slippery – particularly when wet – and there are no handrails. Remember to watch your step and respect the cultural heritage and natural environment. It is forbidden to paint on the rocks, to cut or chip the stone, to dig the ground or damage the fort walls, vegetation or animals in any way.  
  • The route of the Sulkava Rowing Race passes the Pisamalahti Hill Fort. The hill is an ideal place for watching the race, but please remember that the hill is steep and there are no handrails. Don't get carried away when cheering for your favourites and keep your group safe.