Hiking Trails

Marked Trails

Beach on the Iso Kankainen Island. Photo: Katri Heiskanen

  • Hiking Trail on Iso-Kankainen Island
    The 2,3-km-trail starts from the excursion harbour of the island and the trail is marked with spots of orange paint on the trees. It is easy to walk through the dry forest terrain. After hiking on an esker hill there are signs of the ice age in the landscape to be seen such as 'suppa' holes and ancient lake shore banks.
    • Services: At the starting point of the trail there is a campfire site.
  • The Salpa-asema Trail, 0.4 km. The trail starts at the Salpa-asema pier on Kongonsaari Island and is marked with orange paint. The information boards along the trail provide information on the Salpa Line as a whole. The trail winds past the base with its various structures and leads high up onto a rock, deep into the cave dug in the rock, and into the trenches. Some steps have been built to make walking easier. There is no lighting in the cave, so you should have a torch with you. The cliffs are slippery in the rain.
    • Services: There is a pier, information board and toilet at the start of the trail.