The trail is easy to travel and is suited for shorter day-trips. It is also possible to stay overnight at either Lake Raatejärvi or Lake Saarijärvi. To get to the trail's starting point drive about 8 km from Reisjärvi to Mäntyperä and then turn onto Kuivajärventie Road. Drive along Kuivajärventie for about 7 km, at which point you will reach the trail's starting point at Kuivajärvi parking area.

Lake Kuivajärvi - Lake Saarijärvi 5 km

From Lake Kuivajärvi hikers can follow Peuranpolku Trail, which is marked with orange paint symbols, for 1.3 km eastward to an old smoke cabin, where also Kirves-Heikki campfire site is situated. The Kirves-Heikki Canal which is located near-by was originally dug with shovels into the terrain. From the smoke cabin it is 2.9 km to Ahveroinen lean-to shelter, from where it is a further 900 m to Saarijärvi open wilderness hut and sauna. Hikers can rest at a meditation cabin situated halfway between Kirves-Heikki and Ahveroinen.

Lake Saarijärvi - Lake Raatejärvi 8 km

From Saarijärvi open wilderness hut the trail continues northward for 1.8 km, at which point there is a crossroads where Mäntyjärvi Trail turns off the main Peuranpolku Trail and heads southwest. Hikers turn left towards Lake Mäntyjärvi and follow the route marked with green paint symbols. The trail continues along a forest road and a further 2.1 km later passes Mäntyjärvi hut, which is rented out to the Reisjärvi local heritage association. From Mäntyjärvi hut the hike continues along a path for 4 km to Raatejärvi open wilderness hut and sauna.

Lake Raatejärvi - Lake Kuivajärvi 2 km

From Lake Raatejärvi the route continues eastward and after 700 metres rejoins the main Peuranpolku Trail, marked with orange paint symbols. From this crossroads it is 1.2 km back to the trail's starting point at Kuivajärvi parking area. Hikers can take a detour along the way and visit Koukkunen lean-to shelter, which is at the end of smaller 300 metre long trail.