Päivääniemi Burial Ground

The emblem of the historical sites managed by MetsähallitusStep into an ancient burial ground by Lake Pyhäjärvi. One of Finland's largest and most famous Iron Age burial cairns is situated in Päivääniemi. Objects of archaeological interest have also been found in the area. Locals buried their dead here, particularly during the Merovingian period in the 600s–700s AD.

Large Iron Age Burial Ground by Lake Pyhäjärvi

Location: Pirkanmaa, Lempäälä (www.lempaala.fi)

Address: Vesilahdentie 260, 37500 Vesilahti. Google Maps (www.googlemaps.fi). The parking area is signposted from Vesilahdentie road (local road 301).

Visit: The Päivääniemi burial ground is open to visitors free of charge all year round. The site is not staffed and there is no winter maintenance.

Instructions and rules: The Päivääniemi Burial Ground is a fixed relic site, which may not be excavated, covered or damage in any way under the Antiquities Act (www.nba.fi). Campfires are also prohibited.

Sights and activities: Large Iron Age burial ground with some 130 cairns. Beautiful natural scenery.

Services: Information boards and a trail.

Suitability: An enchanting destination for history enthusiasts and the whole family. The destination is unsuitable for disabled visitors as the ground is uneven and there are steps across the fence of the sheep pasture.

The address of this page: www.nationalparks.fi/paivaaniemi

The site is managed by Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland.

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