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What can one do in Olvassuo Nature Reserve?

Walk along the Marked Trails

Olvassuo has two nature destinations both of which have a nature trail. Olvassuo has approx. 4.5 kilometres of marked trails.

Kirkaslampi bird-watching tower. Photo: Jorma Luhta

Go Bird-Watching

The Sammakkosuo and Kirkaslampi bird-watching towers provide excellent views of the northern Ostrobothnian aapa mire landscape, and you may also see rare bird species through your binoculars. At the bird-watching towers, there are information boards to help you identify the bird species.  

Walk on the Nature Trails

There are two nature trails at Olvassuo. The Sammakkosuo Nature Trail in the area's northern part is a 1.5-km-long path. The information boards along the trail present the mire and mire nature. The theme of the Kirkaslampi Nature Trail is mire restoration. The trail's total length is about three kilometres. There is a bird-watching tower by both nature trails.

Go Hunting

Hunting small game and small carnivores is allowed in the Olvassuo area. The Olvassuo hunting areas are Utajärvi no. 5628 and southern Pudasjärvi no. 5625. Licences can be purchased at Metsähallitus netstore (www.eraluvat.fi).

Hunting is prohibited in the Olvassuo Strict Nature Reserve.

Go Berry and Mushroom Picking

Berry and mushroom picking is allowed in the Olvassuo area as provided by the everyman's rights. However, only locals are allowed to pick berries in the Olvassuo Strict Nature Reserve.

Go Swimming

Next to the Kirkaslampi lean-to shelter, there is a jetty from which you can plunge into the clear Kirkaslampi Pond but there is no official beach in the area.

Go Skiing and Snowshoeing

There are no maintained skiing trails in the Olvassuo area, but you can make a tour in the area on forest skis or snowshoes.