Location of Olvassuo Nature Reserve in FinlandNorthern Ostrobothnia, Kainuu
Pudasjärvi (www.pudasjarvi.fi, in Finnish), Puolanka (www.puolanka.fi, in Finnish), Utajärvi (www.utajarvi.fi).
Area 270 km². Established in 1982. 
The area is managed by Metsähallitus.

Olvassuo. Photo: Jorma Luhta

Olvassuo is an ideal destination for hikers interested in mire nature. It is a wide mire area spotted with forest islets and offers a wide spectrum of sights and experiences to visitors in all seasons. Olvassuo provides possibilities for independent hikers as well as for those who prefer walking along marked trails. Both the southern and northern parts of the area boast a lean-to shelter, a nature trail and a bird-watching tower, which can be visited by those taking a day trip to this northern Ostrobothnian mire landscape.

Olvassuo is amongst the most handsome mires in Finland. At Olvassuo, you will find impassable, wet and open poor fens, dwarf-shrub pine bogs as well as lush mires shaded by large, silent spruces. It also has gigantic spring floods, bog pools and little brooks. Olvassuo is a combination of a large variety of mires that have formed a unique entity over the course of thousands of years.

Olvassuo belongs to the Finnish Natura 2000 network of protected areas. In addition, it is part of the global RAMSAR wetland protection network (www.ramsar.org). The Olvassuo Strict Nature Reserve (6,000 hectares) is located in the middle of the area. Due to nature conservation reasons, it is prohibited to access the strict nature reserve.

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