Nuortti Hiking Trail Route Description

Starting Points for Excursions

  • Haukijärvenoja parking area, where hikers can leave their vehicles and visit the guide shelter.
  • To reach another starting point, follow the forest road from the Haukijärvenoja intersection for 5 km. Next to Hirvashauta parking area there is a reindeer fence which crosses the road, making the parking area easy to find. From the parking area hikers can get straight onto Nuortti Hiking Trail which is marked with orange paint markings. Early on the hiking trail turns away from the old reindeer fence and the small trail which follows the fence.
Pine Forest in Hirvashaudanvaara. Photo: Sulo Norberg

Trail Markings

The trail is marked with orange paint markings: There are either poles, of which a 30 cm long section is painted orange, or round orange markings on tree trunks.

Trail Sections

Nuortti Hiking Trail is a marked circle trail which leads along both sides of the River Nuorttijoki from Haukiniva to Kolsankoski Rapids and back again. The trail is approximately 40 km long.

  • The trail along the northern bank of the River Nuorttijoki leads from Haukijärvenoja parking area to the Kolsankoski hanging bridge. It is about 24 km long.
  • The trail leading along the southern bank of the River Nuorttijoki to the hanging bridge at Kolsankoski is about 16 km long.
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Connecting Trails

From Nuortti Hiking Trail connects to an old trail which follows an old reindeer fence from near Hirvashauta parking area all the way to Mantoselkä. Nuortti Hiking Trail also connects to a trail which leads via Vieriharju to Korvatunturinmurusta Peace Pole. The trails mentioned here are not marked in the terrain.

The trail along the southern bank of the River Nuorttijoki, 16 km

A good starting point for hikes is at Haukijärvenoja parking area (about 93 km from Savukoski), where hikers can leave their vehicles and visit a guide shelter. Hikers can get straight from the parking area onto the marked trail. The next rest spot on the trail is Hirvashauta open and reservable wilderness hut from where the trail continues to Saiho open wilderness hut. Near the border zone hikers can cross the river by hanging bridge at Kolsankoski, where the trail turns to head back towards it starting point.

Gazebo in Saukkosuvanto. Photo: Nina Raasakka

The trail along the northern bank of the River Nuorttijoki, 24 km

On the north side of the River Nuorttijoki the hiking trail leads through forests to Kummalehdonoja campfire site. From the campfire site onward the trail travels closer to the river. Mettopalo open wilderness hut as well as Kärekeoja open and reservable wilderness hut are good places to either rest for a while at or stay at overnight. Karhuoja open and reservable wilderness hut is situated a slight way off the trail. This hut has a sauna.

Karhuoja open and reservable wilderness hut. Photo: Sulo NorbergThe River Nuorttijoki can be waded across near Kärekeoja open and reservable wilderness hut at Haukiniva when waters are low. A wading cable has been hung over the river to assist hikers while crossing. It is always a good idea to contact Korvatunturi Visitor Centre or Saariselkä Customer Service Kiehinen in advance and ask about water levels in the area. The wading cable is removed for the winter.

Nuortti Hiking Trail can also be travelled in the opposite direction, meaning that hikers follow the River Nuorttijoki's northern bank first.

Dogs must be kept on a leash! Photo: Seppo Leinonen.

Dogs must be kept on a leash!