Customer Service and Guidance

Services offered by enterprises and other organisations

Meals, where to buy and prepare

Shops, Cafés and Restaurants

  • There is a café-restaurant at the Nellim village. Otherwise, the closest cafés, restaurants and shops are located in Ivalo.

Campfire Sites

  • There is a maintained campfire site and a campfire shelter by the log-floating flume.
  • Lake Inarijärvi boasts several maintained campfire sites and open wilderness huts. The Speinniemi boating base is closest to Nellim; the distance is about five kilometres.
  • Lighting campfires is strictly forbidden even at marked campfire sites when the forest fire warning in effect.

Drinking Water

  • The water in the ponds, brooks and rivers in the area is usually drinkable but the waterways have not been tested.
  • Do not drink water from Lake Inarijärvi in the vicinity of the village of Nellim. The flowing waters can be used as drinking water.
  • Please see the tips of Hiking in Finland.

Waste Management

  • There is a recycling point for glass, paper and metal at the Nellim boat harbour.
  • Read more about Hiking without littering.


  • There is a dry toilet next to the campfire site by the log-floating flume.

Overnight Stays


  • Outside the population centres, you may camp freely under everyman's rights.

Open Wilderness Huts

  • There are no open wilderness huts in the area.

Rental Cabins

  • There are no rental cabins in the area.

Accomodation in the Surrounding Area

Equipment Rental

Services for the Disabled

  • There are no special services for the disabled in the area.

Services for Boaters


  • There are route markers at Lake Inarijärvi. The lake is rocky so it is advisable to follow the markers.
  • The draught of the routes is usually 1.8 metres. At some narrow sections and close to the shores, the draught is one metre. Most of the huts in the lake district are easily accessible but there are no marked routes to the huts.
  • The boat traffic routes and the depth curves have been marked on Lake Inarijärvi's boating map (no. 480).

Fuel Sales

  • The closest fuel sales points are located in Ivalo.

Other Services in the Surrounding Areas

  • The nearest shops, pharmacy and health centre are in Ivalo (, in Finnish).