Hiking Trails

Hikers are free to plan their hiking trip how they please. There are no marked trails in the area.

Terstojänkä Mire. Photo: Matti Mela

Old Track

  • From Muotkan Ruoktu along the road 92 (Kaamanen - Karigasniemi), there is a footpath which goes to the Lake Peltojärvi, following the River Peltojoki (Piäldujuuhâ in Inari Sámi and Bealdojohka in North Sámi). This track is not marked.

Other Hiking Tips

  • Own paths: Muotkatunturi Wilderness Area is an ideal place for a hiker who likes to find his own paths. Experience and adequate equipment are needed when going wilderness trekking.
  • Destinations accessible with a wheelchair or a baby pram: In the wilderness area, there are no suitable destinations for visitors with a wheelchair or a baby pram.
  • In the winter: The wilderness area is quiet in the winter, a contrast to the summer time when it bustles with life. In the snow, a skiing trail will cross the footprints of the willow grouse or the reindeer every now and then.

Snowmobile Track