Mikkelinsaaret Nature Station

The Mikkelinsaaret Nature Station is an old coast guard station on Kummelskäret Island. It now serves boaters in the Kvarken World Heritage Area as well as visitors on group tours arranged by local tourist enterprises and school groups. The tower of the nature information station is a worthwhile place to visit as the view that opens from it is magnificent.

Opening Hours 

Opening ours in 2018 (www.mikkelinsaaret.fi) 
Reservations can be made  at phone number +358 044- 975 4229. 


There is no entrance fee to the nature station.

Contact Information

Address: Mikkelinsaaret Nature Station, Kummelskär, Mikkelinsaaret, Vöyri, Finland
Tel. int: +358 044 975 4229
E-mail: kummelskar(at)gmail.com
The nature station is managed by Andelslaget Kummelskär.


The Mikkelinsaaret Nature Information Station is located in the outer archipelago of the Municipality of Vörå (www.vora.fi), 20 km north of the Köklot fishing harbour. The nature istation can be reached by boat.

By Boat

  • There are marked water routes to the nature station.
  • Coordinates: Euref-Fin (~ WGS84) lat: 63° 27.643' lon: 21° 46.347' ETRS-TM35FIN: N: 7047560 E: 239610.
  • ​The closest harbours which can be reached by car are at Köklot, 20 km from the archipelago by boat. There are boat launch ramps at both of the harbours at Köklot; the fishing harbour and Norrskat at the north end. Norrskat is about 30 km from the town of Vaasa.
  • To get to Köklot from the centre of Vaasa, take road 724 (to Raippaluoto). The road to Köklot turns right when coming from Vaasa, just before reaching the Raippaluoto bridge.

By Public Transportation

  • There are coaches from Vaasa to Västerö  and  Raippaluoto. Timetables (www.matkahuolto.fi).
  • Numerous coaches (www.matkahuolto.fi) and trains (www.vr.fi) travel to Vaasa from southern Finland each day.


Following enterprises and organisations offer  boat rides to the Mikkelinsaaret. They have a cooperation agreement with Metsähallitus and they follow the principles of sustainable nature tourism (www.metsa.fi) when operating in the national park.


  • Andelslaget Kummelskär offer boat rides for 1-5 persons from Norrskat  to Mikkelinsaaret  ( tel. 044 5272314). 
  • Saaristotila Varppi (www.netikka.net) tel 044 345 5065 / Mendelin 
  • Berny's (www.replotbridge.com) tel (06) 352 1200 
  • Vaasan Saaristoristeily (www.jannensaluuna.com) tel 050 553 1236 
  • Neptune Service (www.netikka.net) tel. 050-5812920


  • There are rooms for groups and individual travelers. (www.mickelsorarna.fi)

  • Staying overnight in own boat at the station's pier free of charge. There is room for about 10 boats.

  • A reservable sauna, which fits 5 persons at once.  Reservation of the sauna can be made by  at phone number +358 044- 975 4229 or by contacting personal upon your arrival to Mikkelinsaaret.

  • From the tower of the nature station there is a beautiful view of the Mikkelinsaaret Archipelago. The colours of the landscape change according to time of day and with each season.

Reference Library

  • In the nature station's reading corner visitors can learn about different natural features and the area's history.

The Grounds

  • A 2-km-long nature trail has its starting point on the grounds of the nature  station. The trail features among other things the ruins of a 16th Century fishing camp and harbour.

Ruins of the old fishing camps, Mickelsörarna.Photo:Tuija Warén


  •  The trail is very rocky at points and can be slippery during wet weather.

  • Next to the nature station there is a dry toilet and a lean-to shelter with a campfire place which everyone is free to use.

Birch wood at Mickelsörarna.Photo:Tuija Warén




Waste Management

  • There is a recycling and waste point at the nature  station which is maintained by an organisation called Keep the Archipelago Tidy (www.pidasaaristosiistina.fi).

The Mikkelinsaaret Archipelago

  • The Mikkelinsaaret Archipelago is made up of 300 islands of different sizes. Some of these islands are state-owned while others are privately owned protected areas. There are numerous prehistoric artefacts and sites (www.metsa.fi): the ruins of hunters' camps and harbours, compass roses and labyrinths.

  • Tourist Services in the Mikkelinsaaret Archipelago.