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Location of Melkuttimet Nature Reserve in FinlandSouthern Finland, Kanta-Häme Region
Municipalities of Loppi (, in Finnish) and Tammela (, in Finnish)
Area: 3, Shore Conservation Program Area (2001), National Esker Conservation Programme Area (2001), Natura 2000 site (1998)
The area is managed by Metsähallitus.

The area's easy to travel ridge-side pine forests and lakes with exceptionally clear water by southern Finland's standards tempt visitors to this area which was moulded by the Ice Age. The Melkuttimet area is an ideal day-trip destination for families with small children. There are good swimming spots along the shores of almost all the area's lakes. There is an especially good shallow shored swimming spot at the east end of Lake Iso-Melkutin, which is equipped with a campfire site and lean-to shelter.

The Melkuttimet area is a Natura 2000 site, as well as a Shore Conservation Program Area and National Esker Conservation Programme Area. The shores are for the most part undeveloped except for a few cabins here and there and the area's ridges gravel is untouched. Commercial forestry was practiced in the area up until the late 1990s, but Metsähallitus has initiated restoration work ( in order to return the area to its natural state and to increase biodiversity there. Many threatened and rare plant and animal species are indeed found in these ridges, which are part of the Salpausselkä ridge system.

Melkuttimet is Located in the Häme Lake Uplands

The Häme Lake Uplands is a natural gem in the centre of Häme and conveniently close to Finland's busiest urban centres. The Häme Lake Uplands is the ideal destination for a multitude of nature activities - read more on the destinations within the Häme Lake Uplands.

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