Matti Musta´s Cottage

The location of Matti Musta´s CottageNorthern Lapland
Inari (
Lemmenjoki National Park
Matti Musta´s Cottage is managed by Metsähallitus.

The Grounds of Matti Musta  are one of the Lemmenjoki National Park's valuable traditional landscape sites. Today, the early 20th-century cottage on the grounds serves as an open wilderness hut.

Matti Musta's Cottage is located by the north-east border of Lemmenjoki National Park, on the south-eastern shore of Lake Ylimmäinen Lankojärvi. The Grounds of Matti Musta are made up of dry meadow cleared of trees and bushes, which remained open as a result of pasturage, mowing and stamping. The small cottage was built in 1903–1905, and Matti Musta and his family lived in it all year round until 1917. At the time, the homestead also had a granary and barn, but they have disappeared over the years. Later on, the site served as a fishing base for the Musta family.

Matti Musta´s Cottage. Photo: Mia Vuomajoki

The Grounds of Matti Musta were attached to the Lemmenjoki National Park in 1981. Metsähallitus renovated the cottage into an open wilderness hut in 1994. The renovation was completed according to instructions by Matti Musta's son in order to preserve the cottage's original appearance. The grounds have been mowed since 1997, and birches and bushes have been cleared away from around them to maintain the open landscape. The hikers moving about on the grounds also help keep the field open.

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  • As an open wilderness hut, Matti Musta's cottage is always open, and there is no entrance fee to the building.
    • There are no personnel on site. 

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  • The closest you can get to the Grounds of Matti Musta by car is by driving along the Inari–Angeli road (no. 9553). Roughly 24 km from Inari, a forest road named Paadarskaidi turns off the main road towards Lake Paatari. From the forest road, you must continue to the hut on foot. The hike to the Grounds of Matti Musta from the forest road is some three kilometres. The trail is unmarked.

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By Public Transportation 

  • There are no public transportation connections to the Grounds of Matti Musta.


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  • There are no services for the disabled in the area. 

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