Levävaara Farm

Location of the Levävaara Farm in FinlandKainuu
Kuhmo (www.kuhmo.fi)
The Friendship Park, Elimyssalo Nature Reserve

The spot is managed by Metsähallitus. 

The Levävaara farm and its farmyard tell a tale of the quiet life on the wooded hills of Kainuu.Levävaara is a remote house in the wilderness. No road has ever led to Levävaara. The farmyard and the buildings typical of the settlement of the wooded hills of Kainuu speak of the dwellers' modest nature-dependent lifestyle. Small fields surround the main building that was constructed after the old house was burned in the war. The main building has been restored to its original shape from the 1950s. The landscape is open - atop of this wooded hill the dwellers of Levävaara lived close to heaven. 

Levävaara farm © Risto Sauso

Near the Levävaara farm there is a small watermill by the Kotijoki River. It has been built following an old model.

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Opening Hours

  • The Levävaara farmyard is always accessible and free-of-charge.
  • The house is locked and access to the house must be agreed with the Kuhmo Visitor Centre Petola personnel. There are no personnel in Levävaara.
  • In summer there are sheep herders staying at the Levävaara farm. You may cuddle the sheep on the fields, but please remember, that the buildings are at the use of the sheep herders only.

"Pirtti" - the living room of Levävaara. Photo: Aino Virtala

Contact Information

Directions and Maps

A chamber musician on his way to Levävaara Farm to have a concert. © Tanja AholaBy Car

  • In order to reach the southern Saari-Kiekki starting point for the hiking trail, take the Kuhmo - Hukkajärvi road (no. 9121) from the centre of Kuhmo and drive east for 42 km, thereafter turn left (to the north) on to the Juntintie road. Drive for 13 km and turn right (to the east), following the signposts to the Elimyssalo Nature Reserve. The parking area is at the end of a good 1-km long forest road. You can walk to Levävaara from the parking area along the hiking trail. The distance is 1.5 km.
  • In winter, the Juntti forest road is not ploughed unless Metsähallitus is felling trees near Elimyssalo.
  • Map of the Elimyssalo Nature Reserve

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  • The Kuhmo Visitor Centre Petola in Kuhmo provides guidance and information on the various areas of the Friendship Park in addition to selling licences.
  • Guided trips for school and daycare centre groups. For more information, please contact the Kuhmo Visitor Centre Petola.
  • The use of the well in the Levävaara farm is not recommended. There is a spring outside the farmyard. There is a path equipped with signs leading to the spring.
  • In Levävaara, there is a dry toilet behind the cowshed.
  • Accommodation is arranged in Levävaara only in special occasions, and in these cases the overnight stays must be agreed with the Kuhmo Visitor Centre Petola.
  • On the southern side of the farmyard, along the trail which comes from Saari-Kiekki, is an information board in Finnish, English and Russian.
  • There is further information on the services at the webpages of the Elimyssalo Nature Reserve.

Levävaara yard. Photo: Eeva Pulkkinen


Services for School Groups

Levävaara is a suitable day-trip destination. It offers an opportunity to learn about the life led in a wilderness farm in the 1950s. The neighbours were far away and the grocery shop and the school even further. It is interesting to see how people lived and coped in the wilds before the time of cars and a comprehensive road network.

The cow shed of Levävaara in the 1960s. Photo: Martti Montonen 

Levävaara and its surroundings offer excellent surroundings for environmental education for school groups. Contact the Kuhmo Visitor Centre Petola to plan the suitable trip for your group.

Opetustuokio syksyisessä luonnossa. Kuva: Eeva Pulkkinen

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