Lentua Rental Lapp Hut for your private use

(Updated 25.5.2018)

The Lentua Lapp ‘kota' hut on the shores of Lake Lentuanjärvi at the neck of the Lentuankoski Rapids can be rented for private use for the price of 35 euros per day. The hut is suitable for organising various occasions, events, meals, etc.
Read more information on the Lentua Lapp Hut.

Sauna in the Lehtosaari open wilderness hut easier to heat

(Updated 12.7.2017)  
Lehtosaari open wilderness hut serves visitors with a small sauna. Earlier the sauna was a traditional Finnish smoke sauna or black sauna, which takes many hours to heat. Now the sauna has been changed to a so called normal sauna, in which the stove is much quicker to heat up. The heating instructions are found at the hut.

Be careful by the Lentuankoski rapids

(Updated 4.5.2016)
The footbridge by the freely flowing Lentuankoski Rapids is in bad condition. The visitors should pay special attention on walking on the duckboards.

The Finnish Transport Agency, responsible for the duckboard on the mole compiled of stones, is looking for a solution to repair the footbridge.