• The area of the Lentua Nature Reserve is ideally suited for water activities and ski trekking. There are several lean-to shelters and campfire sites.
  • The Lentuankoski Trail and the Lentua Nature Trail, whose theme is restoration, are located right next to the nature reserve.

Starting Points for Trails

  • The starting points for the signposted trail to the Lentuankoski Rapids and the connection trail to the Lentua Nature Trail can be found within the vicinity of the Lentua Nature Information Hut.
  • Lentuankoski Trail, 1 km, located in the shore conservation area next to the Lentua Nature Reserve. An approximately 300-m-long duckboard trail to the Iso Lentuankoski Rapids, which is also accessible by wheelchair and with a pram or pushchair.
    • Services: There is a lean-to shelter by the still water between the Iso and Pieni Lentuankoski Rapids. You can reach it by walking along the path following the shoreline or by taking the forest path parting from the duckboards a little earlier. The lean-to shelter cannot be accessed by wheelchair. There is a campfire site and a dry toilet at the lean-to shelter.
    • Sights: The freely flowing Lentuankoski Rapids, where you can observe the comings and goings of the white-throated dipper in winter.
  • Lentua Nature Trail, 6.5 km. The nature trail, whose theme is restoration, is in the shape of the number eight and is located in the shore conservation area next to the nature reserve. The length of the actual nature trail is 3.7 km, 1.7 km of which consists of a trail round Kallioniemi Point and 2 km of a trail round Lemetinlahti Bay. There is a 1.4-km-long connection trail from the Lentua Nature Information Hut to the nature trail.

    The trail takes the visitor through forests and mires that were cut and drained in the 1960s and restored during the years 2005 and 2006. Restoration is a way of managing nature with the objective of adding natural features that are absent from forests and mires: forests are burned to create charred wood, space is created for deciduous trees to increase biodiversity, trees are damaged to create more decaying wood and ditches are blocked to restore mires to their natural state.

    Part of the trail, which is signposted and marked with orange paint, goes through a near-natural stretch of shore by Lake Lentua, offering great vistas of the lake. The trail should take 2 to 3 hours to finish.
    • Services:
      • The sheltered campfire site in Kallioniemi Point. © Leena HärkönenA sheltered campfire site in Kallioniemi Point and a lean-to shelter with campfire site in Lemetinlahti Bay. There are also dry toilets in both places.
      • Finnish and English information boards on restoration can be found at the parking area of the Lentua Nature Information Hut as well as in Kalliolahti at the intersection of the loops of the nature trail. There are 17 information boards in Finnish with English summaries.
    • Sights: Restoration measures in forests and mires as well as beautiful Lake Lentua.

Boating and Canoeing Routes

A depth profile has been created for Lake Lentua. For information on lake charts, contact the Finnish Maritime Administration (portal.liikennevirasto.fi).

The Lehtosaari wilderness hut can be reached by a canoe. Photo: Ari Meriruoko

  • Lake Lentua is part of the main Tervareitti Route between Lake Änättijärvi and Kajaani.
  • The Kalliojoki Route coming from the east ends in Lentua, from where you can continue along the so-called Sotkamo Route or Tervareitti Route.
  • If you come to Lentua from the direction of Iivantiira and Niva, the Kaarneenkoski Rapids are found before the lake. These are difficult due to the log-floating dam, low bridge and rocks in the area. It is best to walk past the rapids using the Kaarne boat trail that starts by the southernmost bay of Lake Niskajärvi.
  • From the north, you can also come to Lentua via Lake Juttuajärvi. There is a track in Huuhkajanlahti Bay for crossing the strip of land between the two lakes.
  • Lentuankoski consists of the Iso Lentuankoski (Large Lentuankoski) and Pieni Lentuankoski (Small Lentuankoski) Rapids, separated by a short body of stagnant water. The Iso Lentuankoski Rapids flow wildly for about 300 metres and drops about 3,3 metres. The Pieni Lentuankoski Rapids flow more calmly towards Lake Lammasjärvi, but are slightly longer, about 400 metres with a drop of about 1,8 metres. The total length of the rapids with the body of still water is 1,200 metres and the total drop 5.3 metres.
  • Rafting is rather demanding particularly in the upper rapids (difficulty class IV). You can walk past the Iso Lentuankoski Rapids using a boat trail that is about 350 metres long.

Lentuankoski Rapids flow freely also in winter. © Tuula Heikkinen


Snowmobile Track

There are no snowmobile trails in Lentua, but a snowmobile track crossing the lake from east to west is signposted every winter when the conditions are safe. Snowmobiling should be avoided elsewhere so as not to disturb the wild forest reindeer. Snowmobiling requires a trail permit from Metsähallitus. Permits are available from the Kuhmo Visitor Centre Petola.

Dogs must be kept on a leash! Photo: Seppo Leinonen.

Dogs must be kept on a leash!