What can one do in Lentua Nature Reserve?

Lentua from the air. © Jarmo Hyvönen

Go Canoeing, Rowing and Canoe Trekking

The Lentua area provides excellent opportunities for short trips and longer treks on the waters. Some of the islands have maintained campfire sites and lean-to shelters for boaters. In the Lehtosaari island there is also an open wilderness hut with a sauna.

There is also a boat launch at the Lentua parking area. The shores to the resting places can be reached by a smaller boat even when the water level is quite low in late summer. Bigger boats are adviced to be left a little further.

Metsähallitus does not have any boats for hire in lake Lentua. Rowing boats and canoes can be asked for hire from the entrepreneurs of Wild Taigan (www.wildtaiga.fi).

Go Sailing or Motor Boating

Motor boating is allowed in the area. Sailing is also an option.

Jet skiing is not allowed in the nature reserve. 

Walk on Marked Trails

There is a trail to the Lentuankoski Rapids (1 km) and a connection from the Lentua Rental Lapp Hut to the Lentua Nature Trail (6.5 km), located in the shore conservation area in the eastern part of Lentua. Elsewhere, there is not much marked trails, since more than 70 per cent of the nature reserve is made up of water.

Ski Cross-country off Trails and Go Ski Trekking

You can also ski in Lentua, but there are no maintained trails in the area. On a ski trip, you may encounter a reindeer herd resting on the ice. The highlights of a trip can include seeing the tracks of a wolf or a wolverine trailing a reindeer herd.

Go Snowshoe Walking

Lentua provides good opportunities for snowshoeing.

Go Snowmobiling

Snowmobiling is allowed on frozen waters. However, since there is a number of wild forest reindeer in the area, snowmobile safaris and snowmobiling in general should be avoided.

Go Swimming

Lentua boasts attractive sandy and rocky shores that provide excellent opportunities for swimming. There is no official beach.

Go Bird Watching

Lentua provides good opportunities for watching shore birds and waterfowl.

The wintry Lentuankoski Rapids are also a sight. © Tuula Heikkinen

See the Sights and Scenery

Lake Lentua and the Lentuankoski Rapids offer great natural experiences at all seasons and times of the day. When you go to Lentua, you should take the time to see the Lentuankoski Rapids.

See the Visitor Centre

The Kuhmo Visitor Centre Petola is located close to the centre of Kuhmo. The Visitor Centre can also provide information on the Lentua area and hiking opportunities in the Kainuu region.

Walk on Nature Trail

The shore conservation area in the eastern part of Lentua, which is part of the Natura 2000 network, offers an approximately 6.5-km-long nature trail introducing you to various forest and mire restoration methods. The restoration work is connected to the Life project "Natural Forests and Mires in the Green Belt of Kainuu and Koillismaa".

Go on Guided Group Tour in the Reserve

There are various activity packages for school groups and other groups of children for the purposes of nature interpretation and environmental education. They are closely connected to the Lentua area and the Lauttavaara Nature Study Forest. The Lentua Nature Trail near the Lentua Nature Reserve introduces visitors to restoration measures carried out to improve the natural state of forests and mires. The Lauttavaara Nature Study Forest is located at the starting point of Lentuankoskentie Road, some 10 km from the centre of Kuhmo and 5 km from the Lentua Nature Information Hut. For more information on group tour opportunities, contact the Kuhmo Visitor Centre Petola. Otherwise, there are no regular guided tours in Lentua.

You can go on a tour in Lentua at any season. © Tuula Heikkinen


Go Fishing

  • Everyman's right (www.environment.fi) entitles everyone to angle and go ice-fishing in the area.
  • Paying the fisheries management fee (www.eraluvat.fi), grants the right to fish with one rod in state-owned waters.
  • Trap fishing, fishing with more than one rod or crayfishing in state-owned waters also requires a separate fishing permit no. 5411 issued by Metsähallitus (www.eräluvat.fi). This licence covers the state-owned waters of Lentua but not the Lentuankoski Rapids.
  • Permits can be purchased at Kuhmo Visitor Centre Petola or at Metsähallitus web store (www.eraluvat.fi).
  • Fishing licences for the Lentuankoski Rapids are available from the local fishery association, Korpisalmen I kalastuskunta (for more information, contact Lentuankoski Camping, tel. +358 40 773 0050) and Pääkkönen & Piirainen, a dealer of sports and fishing equipment.
  • Fishers need to check the restrictions on fishing sites at kalastusrajoitus.fi (In Finnish).

Go Hunting

The islands in the nature reserve are protected from hunting. In other areas of the Lentua Nature Reserve, hunting is allowed for local residents on state-owned lands in accordance with the hunting regulations and the valid rules and regulations of the area.
Lentua is divided into two small-game hunting areas: the eastern Kuhmo area no. 5618, which includes Kotasaari, Kotaniemi, Varissalo, Niska-aho and Lentuankoski, and the western Kuhmo area no. 5617, which includes all other areas. Permits can be bought from Metsähallitus netstore (www.eräluvat.fi).

A lingonberry. © Risto SausoGo Berry and Mushroom Picking

Berry and mushroom picking is allowed in the shore areas and islands of the nature reserve.