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What to do at the Kurimonkoski rapids?

Walk on the marked trails

There is a 300 metre trail following the banks of the Kurimonkoski rapids, which is maintained by the Särkijärvi Village Committee. An information board at the beginning of the trail introduces the area, which is perfect for short nature excursions of a few hours. No special orienteering skills are required to explore this relatively small area. Easy to walk, Kurimo is well-suited for families with children.

Go fishing

Kurimonkoski rapids are a popular fishing site. The fish population in the Kiiminkijoki River includes trout, grayling, salmon, and pike. A special fishing permit is required to fish at the Kurimonkoski rapids. During the fishing season, catch-sized sea trout is released into the river on a weekly basis.

  • Fishing is not permitted between Monday 6.00 and Tuesday 18.00.
  • Fishing is permitted with the general fishing permit for the Kiiminkijoki River area (www.kiiminkijoki.fi/en/Fishing), which can be purchased from local operators or online (www.kalapaikka.net; Finnish only). The nearest seller of fishing permits is Juhani Ollila, tel. +358 (0)8 542 4921.
  • You also need to pay a fishing management fee (www.eraluvat.fi)
  • Fishing is not permitted at the Kurimonkoski rapids with the provincial fishing permit.
  • A boat ramp has been constructed in Kurimo for fishers.
  • Fishers need to check the restrictions on fishing sites at kalastusrajoitus.fi (In Finnish).

Explore the area by canoe or rowboat

Kurimo is located along the 170 km canoeing route that follows the Kiiminkijoki River (www.kiiminkijoki.fi/en). The varied canoeing route passes through roughly 70 rapids. There are several starting points for the canoeists to choose from along the way. In midsummer, the low water level of the river makes canoeing more challenging.

Kiiminkijoki River. Photo: Päivi Virnes


Kurimonkoski rapids are among the largest in the Kiiminkijoki River and pose a great challenge for canoeists. Thanks to the boat ramp, it is easy to start a canoe trip along the Kiiminijoki River from Kurimonkoski rapids. The site also offers a splendid rest-spot for canoeists.