Kovero Buildings and the Farmyard

Kovero is a nationally significant cultural area. The estate consists of old and in parts original structures including the farmhouse, a bakery as well as shelters for horses and grain. The oldest building on the grounds these days is the bakery which is from the 1870s. Construction of the magnificent main house began in 1881. The massive logs which the walls are constructed of were hand-carved. In the place of other buildings which have once stood on the estate, but have gotten destroyed over the course of time, such as the magazine, the shed and the drying barn, Metsähallitus has gotten replica's from the surrounding area and placed them where their original counterparts once stood.

Photo: Ilkka Virkkunen

Many old spices and medicinal and ornamental plants thrive on the grounds: wild tobacco, common hop, lovage and roses. The main house is adorned with balsams and geraniums. Indigenous cows and sheep graze in the meadows surrounding the farm and chickens strut around the grounds.

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Map of Kovero Heritage Farm

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