Customer Service and Guidance

  • There are information boards at both Luutasyrjä parking area and Luutalammi parking area with information in Finnish, Swedish and English.
  • For more information contact or visit Häme Nature Centre.

Meals, Where to Buy and Prepare

Campfire Site

  • There is a campfire site at Luutalammi.
  • Lighting campfires is forbidden also at the constructed campfire sites if the forest fire warning is in effect.
  • More information about lighting campfires can be found at Hiking in Finland.

Drinking Water

The surface water from the lakes, rivers and brooks must be boiled before use. Water in the springs and running water in the brooks is usually good for drinking. However, the quality of the water cannot be monitored, so the use of natural water is at your own risk. Look at the tips for outdoors drinking water in Hiking in Finland -pages.

Waste Management

There are no waste-bins in the area. Measures should be taken in advance to avoid taking unnecessary waste into the area. Biodegradable waste should be placed in a toilet and small amounts of clean paper and cardboard can be used as kindling in a campfire. Read more about Hiking without Littering.


There is a dry toilet in Komio Nature Reserve in the area between the Luutalammi parking area and campfire site.

Overnight stays

Camping Grounds

The Komionlammit camping ground is in the nature reserve and serves scouts as well as other large groups. Palolammi camping ground, serving also scouts as well as other large groups, is situated near the nature reserve.

  • To camp at either camping grounds you must pay a fee.
  • The camping sites need to be booked beforehand at Metsähallitus customer service: hame(at) or 0206 39 4630.

Services for the Disabled

The trails in Komio Nature Reserve are not suited for the disabled or those with for example a stroller.

Other Services in the Surrounding Area

  • The closest food markets and other services are in the municipality of Loppi (, in Finnish) about 10 km from Luutasyrjä parking area.
  • A food market on wheels stops at the intersection of Pilpalantie road and Kalamajantie road every Monday and Thursday. The intersection is about 1 km from Luutasyrjä parking area.