Hiking along Uuron reitti Nature Trail. Photo: Tarja MartinHiking Trails

Uuron reitti (5 km) is the only marked trail within the small nature reserve, but there are connecting trails to longer hiking trail such as Kolinpolku Trail.

The terrain in Kolvananuuro Nature Reserve is demanding, because the bottom of the gorge is rocky and there are great differences in altitude. Rocky areas can also be slippery.

Starting Points for Trails

  • The nature reserve's two parking areas, one on the Eno side of the nature reserve and the other on the Kontiolahti side, are both starting points for Uuron reitti Nature Trail.

Nature Trail

  • Uuron reitti Nature Trail, 5 km, is a circle trail which leads across at times extremely demanding terrain. The trail is marked with orange circles. Uuron reitti should be travelled clockwise.
    The trail follows an old road to the bottom of the gorge. The trail leads through a bog to the campfire site. After this the trail continues in the southern end of the gorge across demanding rocky terrain. The area's only campfire site is located 1 km from the Eno parking area and 2 km from the Kontiolahti parking area.
    At the end of the gorge the trail rises steeply to the top edge of the right side of the gorge and follows it for some distance. Visitors can there enjoy the landscape from the top edge and from the bottom of the gorge. An old road turns off of the track at the top of the ridge the hiking trail continues along this road, until it changes to a track again. This track leads back to the trail's starting point. It takes approximately 3 hours to walk the trail.
    • Services: A campfire site on the eastern shore of Lake Pieni Koiralampi.
    • Connecting trail to Kolinpolku Trail.
    • Map: Kolvananuuro Nature Trail map (www.vaellus.info, in Finnish)

Other Trails

  • Kolinpolku Trail (www.vaellus.info, in Finnish) 63 km, starts off at Uuro in Kontiolahti at the intersection of main road 6 and road 73 and leads to Koli National Park. Kolinpolku Trail is one section of the national UKK Trail. Outside of the nature reserve the trail is managed by the municipality of Kontiolahti. After entering the nature reserve the trail heads towards the town of Joensuu past the south point of Uuron reitti Nature Trail and towards Koli National Park from the intersection of Uuron reitti Nature Trail and the trail which comes from the parking area on the Kontiolahti side of the nature reserve.