Kolvananuuro Nature Reserve

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Location of Kolvananuuro Nature Reserve in FinlandEastern Finland, North Karelia Region
Municipality of Kontiolahti (www.kontiolahti.fi) and town of Joensuu (www.joensuu.fi)
Area: 1,5 sq. km. Established in 1994.
The area is managed by Metsähallitus.

The exciting gorge at Kolvananuuro works as a time capsule transporting visitors back in time. Millions of years ago Kolvananuuro formed into a deep scar in the rock bed. The area has a very interesting geological history.

Many visitors come to Kolvananuuro to admire the untouched landscape of the gorge and its exceptional vegetation. Half a day is time enough to explore the area's demanding nature trail, which leads at times across barren rocky terrain and then at others through old-growth and fern forest by murmuring brooks. Kolvananuuro Gorge is an interesting tourist sight as the landscape differs from the Finnish norm and the area is covered by diverse vegetation.

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